Festool industrial design winner copy

Industrial design winner visits Festool in Germany

For the exam project students of the University of Johannesburg Faculty of Art, Design Architecture and Industrial Design were tasked with researching and then designing a rechargeable lawnmower for homeowners with small gardens. Festool agents, Vermont Sales were the overall competition sponsor with Festool. (more…)

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PPC cement

Make or break time for PPC

PPC, one of South Africa’s biggest cement makers needs to rebuild credibility with investors after it was forced to raise R4 billion in a rights offer earlier in 2016 to service debt.  CEO Darryll Castle said 2017 will determine the company’s future after the share price almost halved in 2016. (more…)

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Jurie Hanekom, Chairman of Swartland

Going green: A business imperative

Jurie Hanekom, Chairman of windows and doors manufacturer and an industry leader in sustainability practices, Swartland, explains, “Today, the green revolution has taken root in society’s general consciousness. Operating in an environmentally sustainable way, and offering products and services with verifiable green credentials, is no longer a mere fringe movement reserved for boutique consumer products, […]

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Eureka store branding

Eureka brands hardware store

Marketing Director at Eureka DIY Solutions, Willem Marais, explains, “When the store moved its main entrance in 2016, it allowed us an opportunity to position our product stands directly behind the store’s main entrance.” The branding is easy to see as customers enter the store. Visitors immediately see the fasteners section as well as the […]

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Alcolin Win a bakkie

Bakkie winner announced

The Alcolin Win a Bakkie competition ran from 01 September to 30 November 2016. All customers had to do was buy any Alcolin product and fill in the till slip number on the Alcolin website, or send an sms to the competition line. (more…)

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Deryck Spence SAPMA1

Protect the coatings sector

This is the view of Deryck Spence, Executive Director of the SA Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA). Spence says for the past two decades or so the annual volume of paint imported to South Africa on average amounted to 20-million litres per year. “But last year paint valued at no less than a staggering R1.2 billion […]

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Deryck Spence, Executive Director of SAPMA

Looking back at 2016

It took 10 long years to achieve accreditation, but now at last all training programmes promoted and offered by SAPMA are fully accredited by either CHIETA or the QCTO. (more…)

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How to paint a roof

Know how to paint a roof

Toni Stella, National Training Manager of the SAPMA, says the first step in painting a corrugated/IBR iron roof (or any roof for that matter) should be to thoroughly clean the roof. This could be done with a broom and hose, but for best results he advocates the use of a high-pressure water blaster, which provides […]

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Deryck Spence, Officers and Gentlemen

Book dream comes true for Sapma Executive Director

Deryck’s Officers and Gentlemen? has been published by the UK publishing house, Austin Macauley. The published novel will reach a vast global market via the Amazon sales distribution network. (more…)

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Lead in pain and SA government apathy

WHO advised of government’s apathy about lead in paint

The WHO recently approached Deryck Spence, Executive Director of SAPMA, for input on any special plans SAPMA had to celebrate the WHO’s globally-declared Lead Poisoning Prevention Week which took place from October 23 to 29, which placed particular emphasis on eliminating leaded paint. (more…)

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