The Tools and Build Show

Unmissable opportunities at Tool and Build Show

The African continent is poised for its markets to expand like never before, which means that these countries are also heavily focused on creating collaboration opportunities in their respective markets for international companies. (more…)

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Vermont Sales wholesaler

Three decades of exceptional service

Vermont Sales has delivered exceptional service to the trade since it began trading. In doing so, it has developed top brands like Tork Craft, Alpen, Festool, Triton, Pro-Tech, GAV, Kreg, Fixman MPS, Plugfones, RawlPlug, Olfa, Bessey, Felo, Saw Stop, Schroder, Bondhus, Drill Doctor, Flexipads, Accud, Multi Sharp, Mag-Switch, Nes, Spring Tools, Howard, and many others. […]

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Mahindra commercial vehicles

Mahindra to assemble vehicles in South Africa

The new vehicle assembly facility for Mahindra vehicles is located in the Dube Tradeport Special Economic Zone (SEZ) next to the King Shaka Airport in KwaZulu-Natal. Here the company will assemble the complete range of Mahindra Pik Up single- and double cab pick-ups, which they previously imported in fully built-up form from India. (more…)

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LED light bulbs

LED bulbs gaining in cost efficiency

Most consumers are aware that LED (light emitting diode) lamps have a dramatically longer lifespan in comparison to their incandescent counterparts. An LED offers 15 000 to 30 000 hours of light while an incandescent will only give you up to 2 000 hours, which is roughly ten times less the amount of light. This argument alone […]

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Goodyear light tonnage truck tyres

Cool running for new light tonnage truck tyres

Goodyear launched its new KMAX S and KMAX D 17.5″ and 19.5″ steer and drive axle tyres to satisfy its customer need for robustness, versatility, good performance in all weather conditions and at low cost per kilometre. The new tyres have been developed further for new drive modes such as hybrid and electric as well […]

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Hyundai Mighty EX8 truck

New EX8 Mighty truck boosts Hyundai’s commercial vehicle range in SA

The new Mighty EX8 – a successor of the previous HD truck, stems from a long, proud and successful tradition of building competitive commercial vehicles with notable strengths in Korea, the rest of Asia and the Middle East. That focus is also moving to Africa, with the resulting expansion of Hyundai‘s commercial vehicles to right […]

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The Peugeot Partner panel van

Peugeot largest little van

When choosing the Partner, you choose more than just a utility van – you buy a vehicle designed to enable you to make the most of your business. Small businesses often travel big distances. You need to be comfortable while on the road. The Peugeot Partner is not a bad place to spend the day […]

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JMC Carrying SWB dropside

The little Chinese giant

Johan Stadler, editor of DIYTradeNews tested this little toughie … here is what he had to say. There are many vehicles in the light commercial segment to choose from, but none offer what the JMC Carrying SWB dropside can – a 1.6 ton loading capacity. This is impressive considering the driver only needs a Code […]

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Upgrade your fleet

When is it a good time to upgrade your fleet?

If your fleet is made up of vehicles which are spending more time in the service and repair bay than on the road, and are costing the company more each month, a modernised fleet is long overdue. Not only is this costing your company time and money, it also makes your business appear unreliable and […]

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Wedgit garden hose

No more faulty connectors or kinky hoses

The story of the Wedgit connector and kink resistant hose started when the designer had the same irritating problem every gardener experiences when watering the garden, namely faulty connectors, and hoses that kink and eventually leak. (more…)

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