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Home insulation

Why insulate your home?

How insulation work Heat flows naturally from warmer to cooler space. In winter, the heat moves directly from all heated living spaces to the outdoors and above your ceiling, garage, or wherever there is a difference in temperature. During summer, heat moves from the outdoors to the interior of your home, causing it to overheat. […]

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Bidvest Panalpina Logistics

Transporting chemicals – locally and through Africa

CSA: In the chemical industry, what are some of the biggest challenges when transporting chemicals? BPL: Packaging material not suitable for harsh driving conditions, particularly cross-border, coupled with rates not in line with the compliance costs associated with dangerous goods. Then there is the consignor’s lack of knowledge regarding legal requirements for their own chemical […]

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Painting the future

Paint and other protective coatings have been around for hundreds of years and their use is twofold – decorative and protective. However, some of these coatings unbeknown to the user, are dangerous not just for the environment, but for all living things including humans. Some conventional paints and many related products, contain harmful chemicals, such […]

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Any tint you’d like

Tinting is the mixture of tint bases and colourants or pastes, however, achieving that colour is a process of stringent controls. We speak to the expert tinting companies behind this technology. (more…)

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Store display demonstrating the technique of cross selling

Trick & treat

Cross selling can be tricky, but when it’s done right it can be a treat, for both the customer, and for the retailer’s bottom line. (more…)

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Consumer protection

The consumer now has a big stick: “The consumer may hold at their whim any or all persons in the supply chain liable for damages…”, as explained by Hahn & Hahn Law. The ugly fact remains – the consumer doesn’t even have to buy your product, they may lay a charge even if it offends […]

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Leica  D5 image

When it has to be right

The success story of the Leica DISTO™ began in the early nineties when Leica Geosystems decided to develop a handheld laser distance meter which would combine its expertise for measuring distances with laser technology to appeal to a broader field of users. One of the major requirements for this new product was that within the […]

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Tweet, tweet and grow

Last month in my editor’s note I wrote about the importance of social networking and how Facebook and Twitter have been branded as the marketing platforms of the next decade. This is something which many companies still fight against, yet these tools will become an integral part of our daily operations. With this in mind […]

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Sapma Stickers (3)

Leading from the front

Last year, a big can of worms was opened when someone detected paint containing lead being sold in South Africa. The first people in the firing line were not the manufacturers of the paint, but the South African Paint Manufacturers Association (SAPMA). As Deryck Spence explains, “It was a nightmare. You had parents up in […]

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Solvent abuse in the spotlight

When one considers the term ‘death by drugs’, the first thought that springs to mind is heroin, cocaine or marijuana. But would you ever consider deodorant bottles and lighter fuel? Solvent abuse is responsible for as many deaths as ecstasy, yet it doesn’t get the same press coverage. The products to be aware of include: […]

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Screen Shot-BIG

Revolutionise your order placing

Rapidtrade is a revolutionary new way of ordering products from suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers. Rapidtrade is an electronic ordering software package which allows retailers to order products electronically. All that is required is a suitable PC, an Internet connection and the Rapidtrade desktop software. Once installed, retailers will have full access to their customised […]

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Topcon LC-4x front

Get it laser perfect

Laser levels and laser measuring tools used to be a figment of our imagination or something from Star Trek. Never did average DIY’ers and the South African ‘bakkie brigade’ believe that they would have the ability and means to own products with laser precision capabilities. Over the last couple of years only a small number […]

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