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The Tools and Build Show

Unmissable opportunities at Tool and Build Show

The African continent is poised for its markets to expand like never before, which means that these countries are also heavily focused on creating collaboration opportunities in their respective markets for international companies. (more…)

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Cellfast garden accessories

Cellfast watering systems launches in SA

Cellfast is distributed exclusively in Sub-Saharan Africa by WHD, a division of WHS. It is a superb but simple-to-use watering system suitable for all domestic purposes. (more…)

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Track your logistics

Be in control

Traka offers manufacturers, retailers and distributors intelligent key and equipment management through its electronic automated key management system. In any manufacturing, mining and facilities management environment, the highest levels of efficiency and health as well as safety compliance are essential. With this in mind Traka has developed this specialist solution to dramatically improve shift start-up […]

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SAPMA online training

SAPMA offers online training to retail paint staff

Deryck Spence, executive director of SAPMA, says research has shown that the sales volumes of retail outlets are directly proportional to the technical and application expertise among its sales personnel and their ability to offer professional advice to DIY consumers as well as smaller paint contractors. (more…)

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Rolfes Trust Chem distributor

Rolfes partners with Trust Chem

For years, Rolfes has actively sought to add quality products to its pigments range as a means of creating a fuller, more diverse offering for its customers. Recognised as the largest independent producer of organic pigments in Asia, Trust Chem is not only committed to innovation and service, but also sustainability. This collaboration is set […]

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Union colours Durban plant

Massive organic pigment plant planned

Debajit Shome, Union Colours’ marketing director for Africa, says construction of the R200m greenfield development in Durban will commence in early 2018 and the factory will be operational towards the end of the year. “The plant, which will operate under the CZNA member company, Topwell Chemicals’ banner, will have a production capacity of 3 000 […]

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Anything but ordinary

CSA: You and your brother, Mark, who is now also on the board of LRB, started your careers in the photographic industry. How did the somewhat radical switch from a photo business to Promac paint retail shops come about? Why the interest in coatings? (more…)

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Rutherford Makita new building

Makita moves to bigger premises

Rutherford, a wholly owned subsidiary of JSE-listed Hudaco Trading, has relocated its Johannesburg headquarters to stunning new premises in City Deep. “Due to continued support from our broad customer base, we have outgrown the premises that we have occupied for several decades”, says Martin Peterson, Rutherford CEO. (more…)

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Kaufmann tools

Kaufmann – built with expertise

Over the past 22 years, the Kaufmann brand has grown from strength to strength, gaining traction and popularity all over the South African countryside. However, the brand had to withstand many challenges as the economic and manufacturing landscape went through many changes since its inception over 20 years ago. (more…)

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Corobrik is focusing on the retail market to supply consumers with quality and affordable construction products.

Corobrik partners with local retailers to increase delivery

For more than a century, Corobrik has been building its brand. While Corobrik is a primary choice for many involved in large-scale developments and construction projects, the company is now focusing on making inroads into the DIY market, providing the outlying areas of South Africa with a quality, affordable construction product. (more…)

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Polystyrene recycling

More than 500 tons of polystyrene needed to sustain recycling operations

Attending the inaugural meeting were some of the country’s biggest retailers, representatives of the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), local municipalities, manufacturers of polystyrene packaging products, waste management companies, collectors and recyclers. (more…)

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Gyproc rhino conservation

Additional funds pledged to conservation

Extending its contribution to safeguarding the rhino population, the company will continue to donate a percentage of sales from its Gyproc RhinoBoard and RhinoLite products to protect rhinos. (more…)

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Polystyrene recycling

A cutting edge solution

At First Cut, customer service excellence is the underpinning operational ethos. As part of this, the company’s consumables division recently hosted a technical visit by Luca Dreossi, Sales and Technical Support: Julia Utensili S.p.A., one of First Cut’s European principals. (more…)

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Michael Masalesa SAPITI training and development manager SAPITI

SAPITI appoints new training and development manager

For the last seven years Michael was Skills Development Facilitator and Project Coordinator for the non-profitmaking organisation, Deaf South Africa. He was in responsible for the development of skills, training materials and management, project management, and implementation of skills planning and audits for various Skills Educations Training Authorities (SETAs). He was also employed by the […]

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Rolfes partners with NCS

Rolfes partners with NCS

NCS Colour Centre launched its popular NCS Colourpin II in January 2017. Together with the NCS Colourpin app, this next generation device transforms the creative chaos associated with defining and exploring colour into an organised and simplified process. Pocket-sized and wireless, Colourpin II enables users to collect and identify colour while on the go, and […]

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