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Foresta Timber and Board

Boards and timber for retailers

Foresta Timber and Board recently re-launched its factory shop situated in Alrode, Germiston inviting members of the press and local contractors to join them on the day. (more…)

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Hamilton Brush sold

Hamilton Brush announces independent future

Hamilton Brush in March announced the completion of the management buyout under the current management structure. (more…)

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Hikoki power tools

Hitachi past has a Hikoki future

The Hitachi range of power tools has been rebranded and its full line of power tools will carry the name Hikoki, effective immediately. (more…)

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Eurolux acquires Radiant Lighting

Eurolux acquires Radiant Lighting

Eurolux believes it will bring positive change to the local lighting market after its acquisition of Radiant Lighting.  (more…)

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Vermont Sales trade show

Vermont to host its annual trade show

The Vermont Sales annual Open trade show will take place from 15 to 17 March at is premises in Midrand Corporate Park South.  (more…)

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Strike-Arc welding products

New spark in welding

The domestic welding category is a key category within general and hardware stores. The introduction of new, more compact welding technology has sparked an increase in micro-industrial businesses, and an uptake of welding by the general DIY enthusiast. (more…)

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Real People Home Finance Division

10 year partnership

Build it awarded Real People consumer finance with an award in recognition of its 10 year partnership. In this decade Real People paid out R2.5bn to Build it stores for consumer finance which amounts to around 150 000 approved loans. The average basket size derived from the finance is R20 000. In one month Real […]

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Social media marketing

Be a sophisticated marketer using social media

LinkedIn described what they consider to be a sophisticated marketer in its online publication, ‘The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide’. (more…)

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Sikaflex celebrates 50 years

A growing family

The journey for the current Sikaflex-11FC+ started 50 years ago in 1968, with the launch of Sikaflex 1A. A pioneering innovation, the product was one of the first single-component polyurethane adhesive-sealants for construction. (more…)

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Essential Group retail solutions

Essential Group announces major changes

After an extremely exciting National Trade Day 2018, The Essential Group has announced some major innovative changes that will be implemented in 2019; changes that have the potential to exponentially grow the Essential brand across our suppliers, contractors, staff, clients, members and throughout various industries. (more…)

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Pratley strong R&D

Strong R&D puts Pratley in pole position for 2019

The company not only plans to bolster its electrical and adhesive product ranges in 2019, but also to consolidate its growing mineral product range in a standalone division. (more…)

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Nasco products

Soldering on

National Solder Company (Nasco) is a leading African manufacturer and supplier of solders, fluxes, pure tin and lead products. Its products provide solutions for joining metals in the plumbing, electronic, electrical, bearing, engineering and automotive industries. (more…)

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Coatings manufacturing trends 2019

Key manufacturing trends for 2019

About Kansai Plascon Kansai Plascon is the largest coating supplier in southern Africa operating in the market for over 128 years and supplies decorative, professional, industrial and automotive products. The company’s ethos, to design products through constant innovation and ground-breaking technologies, is what drives Kansai Plascon’s growth and has cemented the business as a leading […]

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SAPMA Administrator Mandy Linossi

Mrs SAPMA to depart after two decades

Q: When and how did your career at SAPMA start? A: I started working for SAPMA in January 1999. The administration office had moved from Durban to Johannesburg and I took over from John Bryce of the Chamber of Commerce in Durban, who had performed the secretarial duties for SAPMA. At my first official meeting […]

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Why you should belong to SAPMA

Why you should belong to SAPMA – dealing with officialdom

We experience it here at SAPMA every year when we try to renew memberships: “There is no benefit to me being a member” or “It’s a club for the big guys” are typical responses not to pay subs. (more…)

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