UK heavyweight added to Eurolux line up

They say variety is the spice of life and that certainly rings true in the lighting sector. The announcement that Eurolux will now be distributing UK-based Aurora’s low energy lighting products in South Africa has given local lamp selection a healthy boost, drawing particular interest from the project lighting sector due to its quality standards and promised prolonged lamp life.

Speaking at a recent partnership launch, Paul Johnson, International Development Director of the Aurora Group, said that though energy efficient lighting is certainly the way forward, it should be remembered that not all lamps are created equally. “As a company we continuously invest time and money in research and development, ensuring that we deliver quality lamps that produce the colour rendering and actual lamp life that we promised our clients.”

Elaborating on the technology that underpins their products, Johnson says they manufacture multi-feature lamps with high quality European and Japanese components. “We have also put a great deal of thought into the heat distribution in our lamps which impacts directly on lamp life, and feel confident that our products will impress the local market,” he explains.

Johnson points out that when a customer converts to energy efficient lighting, the quality of light should not be compromised, nor the customer experience altered. And that is exactly what Aurora hopes to deliver with its extensive range of both LED and CFL lamps.

“Aurora is able to offer a replacement low energy lamp for a significant number of lamps currently in use in both the local residential and commercial markets. Products that will deliver the same or at times improved light output and colour rendering,” says Shaun Bouchier, director at Eurolux.

All eyes seem to be on the rapid development of LED technology and Johnson says that although the LED market growth is being driven by two major trends in the short term, namely notebook and TV backlighting, its use in general lighting is what will be the long term driver. “In Europe alone, LED revenue within the general illumination market is set to sky rocket from 10 billion Euros in 2010 to in excess of 80 billion Euros in 2020,” he says.

Bouchier adds that most lighting manufacturers are also tweaking their designs to accommodate LEDs. “There has been widespread acceptance of the versatility of LEDs in the local retail and industrial sectors, but we feel that the Aurora LED range will hold particular interest for the hospitality sector and project lighting as a whole. However, the improvement of LED technology does not mean that there is no place for CFLs – they certainly still have a major role to play,” adds Bouchier.

Elaborating on its partnership with Aurora, Bouchier says that Eurolux has long been a significant player in the local energy efficient market and is always looking to expand their role. “We have traditionally associated ourselves with innovative companies within the industry, like Eglo of Austria and SG of Norway. We believe that Aurora fits this profile as a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to cutting edge technology and quality design,” he concludes.



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