A growing family

Sikaflex celebrates 50 years

After 50 years, Sika’s range of Sikaflex products are constantly expanding.

The journey for the current Sikaflex-11FC+ started 50 years ago in 1968, with the launch of Sikaflex 1A. A pioneering innovation, the product was one of the first single-component polyurethane adhesive-sealants for construction.

The one-component polyurethane was an attractive alternative to the then mainly two-component adhesive-sealants or ridged adhesives of that time. The number of applications and uses for Sika’s polyurethane technology has grown exponentially ever since, primarily due to its good adhesion to porous substrates, high movement capacity and durability.

Sika developed Sikaflex-11FC in the late 1970’s following a request from a German shipyard for a similar product to Sikaflex 1A, but one which cured faster, could be over-painted and which was tougher mechanically after curing. The result was the adhesive-sealant Sikaflex-11 FC, originally launched in 1978, where the letters ‘FC’ stood for ‘Fast Curing’.

Sikaflex-11FC+ with Sika i-Cure technology was launched in 2010. Sika’s i-Cure latent hardener technology makes the product robust in terms of bubble formation, even in extremely warm and humid climates, and improves its adhesion profile.

Sikaflex-11FC+ with i-Cure offers the perfect balance between adhesive and sealant, with strong adhesion and bond force as well as high and durable elastic movement capability. This is why Sikaflex-11FC+ is one of the most popular adhesive-sealants, appreciated by professionals and consumers worldwide. Sikaflex-11FC+ continues the Sikaflex success story.

Today, Sika still manages to continually develop and tailor Sikaflex to provide new opportunities and innovative solutions for countless different sealing and bonding applications in construction and many other industries.