The perfect finish

Hamilton’s brushware

Hamilton’s brushware guarantees the perfect finish

Hamilton’s, a specialist manufacturer and supplier of paintbrushes, paint rollers and paint accessories has been in operation for over 200 years and is certainly well recognised in South Africa.

Charles Hamilton was apprenticed in 1798, and after seven years apprenticeship, he became an accredited tradesman. He established his own business in 1811 in London, aptly named Hamilton’s.

Hamilton’s real rise to strength took place between 1996 and 2005 resulting in an acquisition by Freeworld Coatings. Hamilton’s which at the time fell under Plascon was later sold to the Engelbrecht brothers in March 2014. The Dawn Group acquired part of the business at a later stage and recently took over the brand in its entirety.

Industry stalwart, Terence Ladner assumed temporary responsibility as General Manager. Ladner has previous experience with Hamilton’s and Flash Harry. In his own words, “We have a massive challenge ahead of us, but the good news is the brand is strong.”

Ladner says, “The success for Hamilton will come in applying the basics – ensuring a full service to all our customers and guaranteed support behind the brand. Servicing our customers regularly with well trained personnel is a priority.”

Retailers can confidently capitalise with Hamilton’s and stock these quality products that accommodate realistic prices and margins. Hamilton’s offer cutting edge quality with a ‘perfect finish’ as an end result, which in turn adds value to the retailer’s offering –realising better margins.

Our focus is to apply the basic fundamentals of marketing, says Ladner, “Promoting the product at the best price and displaying it in the best position – simple, yet effective. We believe that by putting this plan into action, we will once again become a significant force in this category. With the assistance of our excellent logistic partners, we will be able to guarantee excellent turnaround times.”

“Hamilton’s has a national distribution network and offices in all major centre’s (Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban) guaranteeing an ongoing commitment to service and training which has always been an integral part of Hamilton’s brand equity.”

Retailers can confidently stock the Hamilton’s brand over any competitor. It is the only brushware brand that has a proven track record spanning over two centuries. The products have been tried and tested – Hamilton’s is still one of the few brands asked for by name.

For more information…

Cape Town Office

Daphne van Niekerk

Call: 021-903 0128


Durban Office 

Jennifer Gladwin

Call: 031-717 9598


Alrode Office

Lloyd Herbst / Terence Ladner

Call: 011-448 2998





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