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Terraco Handycoat

The Handycoat range

The Terraco Handycoat range is now available from Excelsior Paints, a move that will see Excelsior complement its own products and Handycoat being more widely distributed and marketed through a range of hardware stores.

Terraco Handycoat is not exactly new to the local market. It was, in fact, available through a different paint supplier, but more specifically focussed on a trade level.

Terraco as a company opened its local branch in February 2016, also expanding its product offering beyond finishing. Its main reason for its first office here was for the marketing and distribution of its Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (Eifs). A decision was then taken to focus on the Handycoat range and a new approach for the product was also formulated.

Established in Johannesburg in 1937, Excelsior Paints is the oldest independently owned paint factory in Gauteng. Based in the west of Johannesburg, this family-run business prides itself on its hands-on work ethic, passion and uncompromising quality of its product. Excelsior Paints boasts 650 retailers in its stable who choose to stock its product in store. Its national footprint in the retail market can only benefit Terraco with a reputable product and distribution network in place. Excelsior Paints on the other hand can look forward to offer a quality complimentary range of products to its arsenal.

Terraco is well known across the globe for its extensive range of product formulation, design and production of environmentally friendly finishing materials.

Since its founding in 1980, Terraco products have been formulated to perform, promote health, ensure comfort and improve energy efficiency.

Today, the company is a global leader in the manufacture of high quality and environmentally friendly construction finishing materials.

With its Swedish heritage, Terraco Handycoat is available in over 75 countries, via 32 companies and 18 factories. Terraco has a production capacity over 650 000 tonnes, with more than 250 million square meters of product applied annually.

The Handycoat ready mixed surface preparation products are used by professional plasterers, tapers and jointers as well as painters and decorators.

The benefit of using Terraco Handycoat is it is quicker to apply and cost effective. General purpose Handycoat grades as well as tailored products cater for each specific area of use. The product is easy to smooth and sand without scratching and dusting. It also provides optimum open time for application and Handycoat products are developed to provide the best possible performance profile to meet every need.

Handycoat EcoLife branded products are VOC free

Although Terraco Handycoat regular grades operate well within all regulatory requirements, the Terraco EcoLife range has been developed to ensure it can offer products free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and other potentially harmful emissions.

The EcoLife range of products surpasses the most stringent international and national regulations pertaining to interior decoration products. EcoLife products have a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC level of less than 5g/l, making these Handycoat products zero VOC products. There are no equivalent products currently on the market have a lower VOC level.

The Handycoat range

  1. Handycoat EZ Skim
    Filler and skimming compound ideal for new and old painted gypsum or masonry surfaces. Also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.
  2. Handycoat FLEX
    An easy to apply gypsum board jointing compound.
  3. Handycoat Exterior
    Jointing and filling compound for cement fibre boards and masonry surfaces.


  • Ready mix offers many benefits compared to traditional gypsum based products.
  • Putty’s are formulated using acrylic binders and precisely graded fillers. It is water-based – hence it is environmentally friendly
  • It is used by plasterers, tapers and jointers, painters, decorators as well as DIY novices.
  • It is ready mixed and ready to use. No water required on site. Most commercial projects have one water point for the risk of water damage.
  • Saves time, no mess on site
  • No primer or sealer is required. Light sand and less dust
  • Inherent flexibility, no shrinkage
  • Higher adhesion, has less chance of failure
  • 24 month shelf life which allows for greater stock control
  • Quick drying time allows for finishing the job faster. Time = money

Suitable for all types of old and new substrates

  • Jointing of plasterboards
  • Jointing for internal mineral boards
  • Skimming plasterboards
  • Skimming masonry
  • Skimming cementitious  substrates
  • Skimming concrete
  • Skimming old painted surfaces
  • Skimming Gypsum surfaces

Areas of use

  • Filling textured surfaces
  • Skimming over wall paper
  • Repairing damages, cracks or nail holes/patching
  • Gap filling
  • Filling wood surfaces
  • No priming required, unless a gloss paint is used
  • Skimming walls and ceilings
  • Used in bathrooms
  • Making good around door and window architraves

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