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pro1-1ALCOLIN PERMO PLASTER is the ultimate priming, bonding and keying agent – for all building sites. It enhances adhesion properties, water resistance and flexural strength, thereby improving performance and durability. Waterbased and non-toxic, versatile and water resistant, it remains permanently flexible and dries to a clear film.



• Bonding sand-cement plaster, gypsum plaster, and cement screed to smooth, non-porous surfaces.

• Primer to consolidate friable, porous surfaces prior to painting, plastering, skimming, screeding and tiling.

• Additive to enhance the all-round performance of cement and gypsum based products

• Barrier coat between incompatible surfaces e.g. gypsum based plaster


Essential when plastering, tiling screeding, painting, skimming, patching and grouting.


Available in 5 litre & 25 litre buckets.


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