The birth of a champ

Eureka locksets

The locksets are packed in attractively colour coded, stackable boxes that clearly differentiate the three finishes available of the included handles

Eureka DIY Solutions is taking local manufacture to a new level with the birth of a champ, a range of locks manufactured locally.  

We all know that the Chinese are famous for making things cheap and well – Eureka DIY Solutions believe it can make them both cheaper and better. “Anything they can do, we can do better,” says Hendrik Marais, owner of Eureka DIY Solutions. “For many years cheap international lockset imports have flooded our market. How do South African companies counteract this? The answer being the local production of a better product in terms of quality, design and price” says Marais.

The solution is to take a close look at locksets and determine which parts give the most problems, and how to make these better using different processes whilst being creative in the materials used to manufacture the lock bodies as well.

In current times we have access to incredible synthetic materials that are used in car and aeroplane manufacturing. One such material is polypropylene, which displays tough, hard and stable properties. This in turn makes for more accuracy when working with the material. Traditionally lockset casings are made of steel that has been riveted together which can create a weak point in lock set design. The use of a die when casting the polypropylene body ensures 100% accuracy whilst making the product lighter as an added advantage.

Parts that give problems in locksets are the spring bolt and the dead bolt, thus special attention was paid to the inclusion of a well-designed strong spring  and dead bolts for the Champ. The use of aluminium in the production of these components makes for tougher working parts.

Eureka have for many years been making its own packaging (square bottles) and have the existing plant capacity and expertise in injection moulding, hence the implementation and manufacture of the above design changes to traditional locksets could become a reality.

Being the entrepreneurial company that Eureka is, it gained a reputation for its ′boer maak ′n plan’attitude  and put the theory into practice, manufacturing polypropylene locksets with aluminium working parts. The first 100 000 locksets sold resulted in no comebacks.

The locksets have been tested by the SABS and not only have the standards been met, the Eureka locksets exceeded the specifications by over 100%.

Locksets that outperform cheap imports, have SABS accreditation, and can be retailed at a realistic price for affordable interior office doors and housing solutions. A perfect solution for contractors for developments that require SABS compliance at prices lower than any other accredited products in the market.

Marais and his team have successfully manufactured an upmarket, high quality, fully guaranteed and affordable product.

In addition to this, traditional locksets take up valuable retail space and need to be merchandised. The Eureka solution is to pack the locksets in attractively colour coded, stackable boxes that clearly differentiate the three finishes available of the included handles (Chrome, Satin Chrome and White) Each box has 10 locks and as these are sold out, the next box can be opened and the locks easily dispensed. A retailer’s dream as there is no need for merchandising, hanging or use of valuable shelf space.

From an environmental angle, the use of polypropylene is dramatically friendlier than steel, the carbon footprint of production, by the burning of coal and the transport of these heavy materials around the world is significant – Eureka has negated this as well.

“The team at Eureka recognized they had a champion in this product, hence the registration of the Champ lockset brand, uniquely South African whilst out-competing the imports.

The product has been very well received by retailers and Eureka is planning promotional days, training and in store demos in the coming months.

To see a video of the stringent tests carried out by the SABS scan the QR code or go to

To become a Champ stockist, contact Eureka / Fort Knox

Call: 011-471-0800




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