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Woodworking clampQuestion:

I need a reliable quick clamp for woodworking that can provide the necessary pressure and last a lifetime.


The Bessey KliKlamp is considered to be in the light-duty clamping category but is built to the always-tough Bessey standards. As is their habit, Bessey uses quality materials and equally high-end manufacturing to produce the Bessey KliKlamp in their high-tech facilities in Germany.

The Bessey KliKlamp is built around a steel bar with the familiar Bessey hourglass shape. Though relatively light, this bar is very rigid. Both edges have the Bessey teeth formed into them that gives the moveable jaw the ability to lock solidly when pressure is applied.

Wood working clamps from Vermont SalesThe Bessey KliKlamp jaws are made from magnesium for both strength and lightweight. The arms feature a webbed I-beam design that resists flex very well. Both jaws feature heavy-duty bosses at the bar to be sure they are capable of withstanding the clamping force available. Both jaws have large mar-resistant pads for solid holding power without damaging the wood.

The moveable jaw has a 150mm long composite handle with a cam formed into its end. A pivot-mounted pad floats over the cam so that when the handle is pulled an increasing amount of pressure is applied through the pad.

Teeth formed into the end of the moveable jaw interact with the red trigger within the handle to provide automatic locking at several points within its throw. Pull the trigger built and pressure is released and the Bessey KliKlamp can be removed easily.

The Bessey KliKlamp is available in three versions, all of which use the same lever system and all capable of developing a surprising 1200N of clamping force.

How to use

Bessey KliKlamp for exceptional clamping forceUsing the Bessey KliKlamps is exceptionally easy. There is nothing complicated about them other than how such a simple looking, light clamp can hold so well. Put the Bessey KliKlamp over the wood, slide the moveable jaw into contact and squeeze the composite lever as much as needed for the job. Pressure is applied quickly yet predictably.


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