Support to safeguard rhino

Build it help safeguard rhino

Build it supports Saint-Gobain in its mission to safeguard rhino

Build it, the specialised building material and hardware group, has partnered with Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s initiative to sponsor rhino anti-poaching efforts to help safeguard rhino.

Through its network of stores nationwide, Build it is on board as the first retail outlet to support and promote Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s sponsorship of SANParks Honorary Rangers. The sponsorship, which comprises R3 million over three years plus a percentage of sales from Rhino products, is directed specifically towards rhino anti-poaching efforts.

Despite on-going and extensive efforts by anti-poaching organisations like SANParks Honorary Rangers, the rise in poaching in recent years is compromising conservation gains made over decades. The scale of the challenge of protecting South Africa’s rhinos is clear and organisations fighting rhino poaching rely heavily on private partnerships to make up the shortfall.

“In our commitment to rebalancing the population against the threat of poaching, we are able to help SANParks Honorary Rangers make up some of the shortfall in funds needed to combat the threat to an iconic African species,” says David Anderson, CEO of Saint-Gobain.

The promotion is quite simple- for every SANParks-endorsed Rhino product that is bought, Saint-Gobain Gyproc contributes a percentage from the sale of the product towards the organisation.

“The R3 million donation as well as funds raised through Rhino product sales go towards assisting field rangers, who donate their time to help combat poaching and who are in desperate need of skills development, legal backing, combat preparation and equipment,” says Anderson.

Rob Lister, marketing director of Build it says the retail group is helping to further the funds raised for rhino anti-poaching efforts by bolstering the campaign across all stores, nationwide.

“At Build it we have strength in numbers, which enables us to support the sponsorship by promoting it through our stores,” he says.

“We believe that our sponsorship, together with support from our retail partners will put additional weight behind rhino anti-poaching efforts,” says Anderson. He adds that the collaboration with Build it is the start of adding other partners to the initiative.

To help support Gyproc’s anti-poaching efforts, look out for RhinoBoard and RhinoLite products that hold the endorsement logo in the building section of any Build it store in South Africa.


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