Springbok heart in a kilt

New product manager at Agrinet, Dave Kelly, has been in the retail industry since 1987. “I’ve covered every aspect of this industry – I’ve been a supplier and a buyer.”

Dave says he has been looking for this post for some time. “I just love the Agrinet culture and got used to it really fast. This is not just a job to me, it is a calling. I’ve only been with Agrinet for a short while, but it feels like I’ve been here for years.”

Dave was also impressed by the professionalism he found right through the leadership ranks and the welcoming spirit of all the people at Agrinet. Speaking about the Agrinet culture, Dave said he adopted a life philosophy many years ago of ‘adapt, adopt, and improve’. “You have to adapt to any new circumstances, then adopt the culture and then improve yourself as well as your surroundings.”

For now, he will be the product manager for power tools, hand tools, hardware and gardening/pool and personal protective equipment (PPE). He is still scouting for growth opportunities, but feels confident that there will be many new initiatives soon. He wants to focus on Kaufmann hand tools, amongst other things, ‘as it needs some freshening up and probably – a new look’. He would like to right size the range and add value propositions throughout the categories he is responsible for.

He will also look at value adding initiatives, customer service and after sales service. “You have to tick all the boxes in the retail triangle of consumer, supplier and Agrinet – you have to keep everyone in this triangle happy.”

Dave graduated as MBA from Henley College in UK in 2005. He is of Scottish descent and sees himself as an outdoors family man. “I have five children and love the outdoors, especially playing golf. I am your typical South African – love a great braai, biltong, rugby and soccer.”

He says that although he has travelled a lot he always loves to come back to South Africa. “I just love the place – with the Rugby World Cup I wore my kilt with my Springbok rugby jersey.”