Sika launches BlackSeal

World renowned for its innovation, advanced technology and unswerving quality in the fields of construction and DIY, Sika now introduces four new BlackSeal products to its existing bitumen waterproofing line, as part of its comprehensive range of waterproofing armour. Sika’s bitumen range now comprises a six-product artillery of waterproof coating products specifically designed to target every DIY waterproofing need. Each of the new bitumen waterproofing weapons is built with Sika’s 100-year expertise and inherent knowledge of the challenges faced by the home owner today.

Sika’s newly launched BlackSeal range completes Sika’s existing arsenal of waterproofing products which now comprises:

Acrylic waterproofing: Sika Sealoflex Professional, Cemflex, Raintite kit.

Powdered waterproofing: Sikalite.

Bitumen waterproofing: BlackSeal Torch-on, Multiseal, BlackSeal-Brick, BlackSeal-Lastic, BlackSeal-Primer, BlackSeal-Silvercoat.

To find out more about this exciting launch do not miss the November issue of DIY Trade News.

New from Sika: Sika BlackSeal.



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