Rutherford FTS acquires Boltworld

Rutherford acquires Boltworld

Charles Botha, divisional manager, Debby Wait, national retail sales manager, Kumarin Vandayar, sales representative, Charmaine Beukes, divisional director.

FTS Boltworld is now supplying an increased range of quality products to the retail market after a recent merger between the two companies.

Originally FTS has always been a reputable blind rivet supplier to the retail market. Rutherford acquired the trade company in 2016, which introduced some fasteners into the FTS range. Later Hudaco Trading acquired Boltworld which then merged with FTS. This merger opened the door for the company to trade with the full range of industrial fasteners – washers, tekscrews, drywall screws, chip board screw, nail in anchors etc.

The official acquisition went through in June 2018. In the meantime the company has moved to the Rutherford premises in City Deep, Johannesburg, while it still retains distribution centres in other places in the country. The benefit to retailers is the opportunity to still have the same personal working relationship they had in the past, depend on the same quality of work and be assured of increased product ranges as well as the secure financial backing from the Hudaco group.

With a full arsenal of products, FTS Boltworld, (as the company is now known) has an attractive offering in the ‘Handy Lad’ range to position itself in hardware retail stores. So far the take-up has been very successful with several retailers stocking parts of, or the full range of products. The FTS, Boltworld merger has however made it easier where FTS already had a footprint in some stores and those ranges could just be expanded.

Products are still sold in bulk, but in a good quality plastic bag in quantities of 50 to 500. The packaging is also clear for customers to see what is in the pack and it is colour coded too. The beauty of products being supplied in bulk pack is that stocktake is easier as individual pieces don’t have to be counted anymore.

FTS is well known in the industry, especially for its quality rivets. Its years of expertise will now just be used to make sure the entire FTS Boltworld operation deliver quick, quality and reliable service.

In-store stands are well branded and neat. Two options are available to retailers, the first being a stand with hooks on which to hang smaller packs. The larger option is a stand with baskets and dividers for larger packs to be neatly placed inside. This can also be adapted according to the store needs, stacking anything up to four baskets on top of each other.

The idea is also to situate the stands as close as possible to where contractors will shop, for example close to the roof sheeting department.

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