Revolutionise your order placing

Rapidtrade is a revolutionary new way of ordering products from suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers. Rapidtrade is an electronic ordering software package which allows retailers to order products electronically. All that is required is a suitable PC, an Internet connection and the Rapidtrade desktop software.

Once installed, retailers will have full access to their customised product catalogue and price list which can be browsed offline at any time. Using the search function, the desired products are selected and the required quantities are added to the shopping basket. Once everything is finalised, the order is created. By clicking the send/receive button, the order is placed with the relevant supplier.

The system offers a number of benefits such as:

  • Ability to review order history.
  • View current status of orders.
  • Product catalogue and pricing is always current and up to date.
  • Quick quote generates a quotation.

The system has paid dividends to all of its users, whether it is a storeowner or a supplier. The system allows suppliers to provide product and price information to customers and to receive orders at any time of the day or night. The system is a cross-industry solution for wholesale distributors and dominant suppliers.

Bernina SA sews up the competition

With 100 franchised dealers, Bernina South Africa updated its Impact Encore ERP system to reap the integration benefits of Syspro 6.0 and Rapidtrade. In Bernina’s case, the synchroniaation is performed by dial-up when the remote user selects the ‘Send/Receive’ button. The dial-up is made to a Rapidtrade server that receives the request to create a sales order – it creates it and downloads the acknowledgement and any status changes of other orders to the remote user. Subsequent connections will return any status changes.

Bernina has enjoyed many direct benefits as a result of upgrading to Syspro 6.0 and implementing Rapidtrade. Data capture times have been significantly reduced, and search times for queries, part numbers and prices have been eliminated for those dealers on the new system, as has the time and cost of sending out price lists via disk or email.

In addition, prices can be checked and quoted by the dealers at any time and dealers can save time by checking part numbers themselves – even outside office hours – thereby eliminating telephone costs.

In the past, Bernina staff spent much of their time assisting dealers with their queries. This time has been greatly reduced and these members of staff are able to use their time more productively on other tasks. Queries regarding orders are also dealt with quickly as both Bernina and the dealer are using the same order number.