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Tedrick Naicker, Patrick Yen and Timothy Govender visiting Mica Market in August.

Well known Raco products are a familiar brand in the industrial, retail and gardening sector. These are still available locally now with a wider selection of products and quality assurance directly from Raco Africa.

Industry stalwart, Timothy Govender, heads up the dynamic Raco Africa sales and distribution team with products and sales support to back up its offering.

Driven by quality and range, Raco is the brainchild of one of Taiwan’s most revered tool experts, Mr Yen. Raco has gone from strength to strength since 1971. Built around the basic concept of offering professional products that meet international standards of quality, safety and innovation, the Raco brand has consistently stayed true to its core values. And with an ever expanding range of tools for experts, the brand has been an important player across Europe and Asia for more than four decades.

Previously only available through a distribution network, Raco has a qualified and dedicated team on the ground to make sure each client gets the product and support they are promised.

All tools are industrial quality and carry a lifetime guarantee, hence the product distribution with the universal Raco-Expert branding to make identification easy and uniform. This also eliminates any confusion regarding packaging and shelf space.

Both the garden and hand tools ranges are distinctive and specific, yet they also complement each other in many ways. Both product lines are aimed at professionals who know what they want. Both product lines cover a wide range of tools that meet practically all user needs in each respective industry.

Raco is a brand with plenty of vitality and isn’t planning on sitting still. In a growing market where individuals expect to have the best tools at their disposal, no matter which job is at hand, Raco is constantly looking at how to ‘up the ante’. With an active team of specialists, supported by highly professional, multi-lingual and pro-active distribution network across many countries, Raco is tirelessly working on bringing the best it can to the market.

Raco offer

  • Industrial hand tools
  • Workshop equipment
  • Automotive tools
  • Agricultural care products
  • Home and garden products
  • Water management products

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