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The Hillaldam teamToday, Hillaldam supply markets across the world from Southern Africa to the United Kingdom, Asia, Australia and others.

Hillaldam’s hardware ranges from tiny cabinets to 20 ton aircraft hangers and covers a vast range of door types (steel, timber, aluminium and glass) in three configurations namely straight sliding, folding and stacking.

Its unique sales and technical backup cannot be matched by any competitor. It partners with customers in helping them achieve desired results. It is quality, service and innovation that separate Hillaldam products from its competitors. Hillaldam was built and prides itself on being a quality producer and supplier and will not compromise in this regard.

A sliding door offers many advantages over a hinged door. It saves invaluable space. An average hinged door takes approximately 1m2 of floor space whereas a sliding door averages 0.035m2 space (dependent on thickness of the door). Take your building costs per square metre and that is what you save installing a sliding system.

With the current trend pushing consumers into smaller spaces and apartments, any saving is welcome and attributes to real cost savings. Sliding doors run parallel with walls, thus freeing up floor space for maximum use of space.

Not only are you saving on floor space but labour and material as well. Hinged doors require frames at a significant cost whereby sliding door gear requires no frames. Most doors also need to be resized requiring additional machining. The process of fixing a hinged door is also more labour intensive compared to installing a sliding door.

Hillaldam’s New Pegboard Display Stand has been a hit and has increased sales by 20% in the stores that display them, offering benefits such as:

  • Stock is more visible and accessible to your customers
  • It is easier to merchandise
  • Easy to manage stock levels
  • Stock is more presentable and attractive
  • A full range of space saving sliding hardware is displayed.

The Hillaldam DIY range is extremely easy to install. The step-by-step installation instructions, comes with every product purchased to guide installers through the process. All products have detailed instructions and specifications for fabricators and installers to use, whilst the Hillaldam technical team is only a phone call away for additional assistance at any time.

Hillaldam is also confident in its product and offers a five year manufacturer’s warranty on the majority of its products. The company is also proud to announce the launching of new product lines recently including automatic sliding doors for both domestic and commercial use, as well as a full range of glass accessories and hydraulic patch fittings for glass applications.

Hillaldam strive to lead the market in quality design and innovation, whilst offering customers excellence in both quality of products and service. Hillaldam also go-all-out to be an integral and trusted partner to its customers businesses, to jointly help create beautiful and applicable products for the industry.

Hillaldam stockists can expect full support in terms of marketing material, a branded stand and floor staff training and backup support. Staff receive a training certificate which is also a nice add to their skill set or CV, and training can be done on site.



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