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Clinobrite pool filter medium

An effective way for pool owners to ensure that their pools remain in tip-top condition is to use Clinobrite from Pratley as a pool filter medium.

An effective way for pool owners to ensure that their pools remain in tip-top condition is to use Clinobrite from Pratley as a pool filter medium.  

Clinobrite is an all-natural Zeolite filter medium that can remove 40 to 50% more physical dirt than traditional sand or outdated glass filter media.

Clinobrite is a direct substitute for ordinary pool-filter sand or glass, scavenging unwanted ammonia from pool water, which also reduces chlorine consumption, making pool maintenance even more cost-effective, executive manager Andrew Pratley explains.

Unlike ordinary filter sand, Clinobrite grains have a rough surface. This means they can attract and entrap extremely fine dirt particles and algae onto their surface, and not just between the grains like ordinary sand or glass.

As Clinobrite is lighter than ordinary sand, it lifts better during backwash cycles, which means that backwashes are much shorter in duration, thereby also saving precious water. An added benefit is that Clinobrite is even able to entrap minuscule diarrhoea-causing cryptosporidium cysts, which are a major health problem in the global municipal water supply.

Clinobrite acts as a filter on the atomic scale by absorbing ammonium ions (NH4+) from pool water which, in turn, eliminates algae. The powerful negative charge within the Clinobrite’s chemical structure attracts and entraps positively charged cation contaminants such as ammonia.

Ammonia and nitrates in pool water react rapidly with pool chlorine to form highly undesirable and odour-causing Chloramines, namely monochloramine and dichloramine, which can result in lung issues, itching skin and red, burning eyes. By removing the ammonia from the water, these harmful chloramines are effectively eliminated.

Clinobrite never stops working, absorbing ammonia from pool water on a 24/7 basis. Consequently, over time, the material becomes saturated with ammonia, and needs to be regenerated:

  • Simply turn off the pump, unscrew the filter top, drain out all the water, and add a 10% solution of brine (salt and water) on top of the Clinobrite filter medium
  • The Clinobrite media should be fully submerged in the salt solution. Leave this overnight to remove all the absorbed ammonia from the chemical structure
  • In the morning, backwash the pool filter for five minutes to wash away the ammonia, and rinse for a further two minutes
  • Before switching to the filter cycle, be sure to conduct a backwash water-clarity check.

For normal bathing loads, Clinobrite needs to be replaced only every two to three years. The product can even be recycled by mixing it into flowerbeds or lawns as a slow-release fertiliser. The average-sized pool filter tank uses the same quantity of Clinobrite as it would ordinary sand, translating into 2 x 25 kg bags (if using a two-bag filter tank).

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