Product of the Week

73061604kIntroducing the new PATENTED box joint side cutter from Knipex Germany.  The new Knipex X-CUT is able to cut the finest strands as well as multicore cables and piano wires due to its box-joint design.  Before one required two different side cutters one for cutting fine strands of wire and a diagonal cutter to cut multicore cables, piano wire, spring wire, small nails etc.  The X-CUT fulfils both tasks with a high cutting capacity with very little effort required (20% less compared to high leverage diagonal cutters of the same length) thanks to optimum coordination of the cutting edge angle and leverage ratio with laterally staggered pivot point.  X-CUT is compact and boasts a low weight construction and is made of chrome vanadium heavy duty steel which is forged and oil hardened.  The X-CUT, POWERFUL AND PRECISE!


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