Prestik with free stickers

Bostik Prestik WITH stickersBostik does it again! Bostik is always innovating and this time they’ve come up with a brilliant and creative value-added idea! Every single 100g pack of Prestik will contain, at no added cost, a set of extra-special funky stickers – just for fun …. yet another use for the wonder product with 101 uses!

Open your Prestik Wallet and you’ll see that all the Prestik strips are wrapped in a “wax-like” paper that ensures your Prestik pulls off easily. Now, that “wax-like” paper is filled with smiley faced “reward” stickers – a free value-added extra for you to use and share with your friends and family anytime! Ingenious really…

So rush out and buy any 100g pack of Prestik and enjoy using your fun stickers at no extra cost! Available from September onwards in stationery and retail outlets nationwide….



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