Customer service

A kick in the teeth

They say a picture paints a thousand words.Someone has done this well with a mock-up of the situation using a Lego set following the United Airlines customer controversy a couple of months ago. (more…)

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Corobrik awards

Top award for green idea

Increasing global temperatures have spurred on industries to look for useful solutions to mitigate the problem. The world of landscape architecture is part of this movement, with architects and students working on concepts to counteract expanding urbanisation and address the issue of global warming. One such individual is Stuart Kelly, a landscape architect who recently […]

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Rolfes – the future looks bright

RCPI is nothing if not resilient. In August 2017 it welcomed back a familiar face, Wouter Badenhorst, who rejoins the team as Managing Director of RCPI, and is exploring all manner of exciting new directions for the business. No stranger to the company or its customers, Badenhorst was appointed CEO in 2002 and went on […]

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Pirates to capture coatings sector

When you view present day South Africa objectively there are not too many things going right. Our country is no longer dreaming or planning for success, rather we seem quite content to accept failure. (more…)

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Contan to showcase offering at Propak

Contan will showcase its broad range of plastic buckets, specially developed for the coatings industry, at this year’s Propak Cape Exhibition, taking place from 24to 26 October at CTICC. (more…)

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Noag’s Market

Expand your product offering

Noag’s Market was founded by the de Lange family in 1992 operating from a one room office. Service excellence and product differentiation resulted in significant expansion in 1996 when Noag’s moved to its current location – the largest thatch roof – wooden building in South Africa which is located between Johannesburg and Pretoria, next to […]

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New home for Gardena and Flymo brands

For over 40 years, Gardena has been providing consumers with watering and garden-care solutions through its range of innovative, premium quality German Engineered products. (more…)

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Hamilton’s brushware

The perfect finish

Hamilton’s, a specialist manufacturer and supplier of paintbrushes, paint rollers and paint accessories has been in operation for over 200 years and is certainly well recognised in South Africa. (more…)

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Excelsior Paints

8 decades of proud independence

For Excelsior Paint, traditions and values began serving the company when Walter Rauner, a German immigrant, opened the business in 1937. Since then, Excelsior has only had three owners and retained the pillars on which in was founded. It’s a rare thing in today’s economic climate to find a business where growth didn’t mean having […]

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Cedar Paints – covering South Africa

Cedar Paint’s recent amalgamation of divisions brought about to ensure a common national vision sharing one message and offering a more powerful and unified structure. The benefits to Cedar Paints customers will be: (more…)

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