Osram lights up Cape Town Stadium

All ten stadiums of the soccer World Cup are equipped with energy saving lighting technology by lighting company Osram. The LED luminaires LEDbeam produced by BEKA demonstrate how LED in particular are able to add that certain something to a stadium. The luminaires are for example used in the Durban and Cape Town stadiums. In Cape Town’s football temple the LED trace wave shapes of high quality white light. In applications like this the diodes of the Power TopLED and Golden Dragon Plus series demonstrate their strengths: for BEKA the durability, efficiency and colour fidelity of every single LED used were the main arguments in favour of diode technology from Regensburg.

With the World Cup this year South Africa has been given a unique opportunity to present itself as a country that is varied and worth visiting. In order to persuade international guests how enchanting this country is and provide them with an unforgettable World Cup festival, Cape Town’s Green Point Stadium was torn down and rebuilt larger and more modern. The latest lighting technology based on LEDs was deployed in the new construction to accentuate the building’s architecture. The LEDbeam luminaires installed in the stadium by leading African luminaire producer BEKA include Osram Opto Semiconductors’ LED technology. “Because of their limited dimensions and particular light distribution, LEDs were the only luminaires we would consider, as we were able to construct a particularly slim light installation with them. This means light is focused only on relevant areas without scattering losses,” says Daniel Kasper of BEKA. The luminaires, which comprise two homogenous light strips, trace the striking waveform contours of Green Point Stadium on Cape Town’s skyline at night.

Subtitle: Constant white light with every diode

A total of 432 luminaires 1,8 metres long were fitted to the stadium’s upper outer ring and a balustrade beneath it. The distances between the waveform light strips vary between two and 12m. When both light strips are illuminated they produce a wave of light that is reminiscent of the swell of the ocean nearby. The luminaires with durable diodes from LED specialists Osram Opto Semiconductors are characterised by their total operating life of 50 000 hours. This means the lighting solution is not only efficient due to the economical diodes but also low-maintenance, which reduces operating costs.

However, another aspect was crucial, in order for the lighting to appear uniform and consistent, the LEDs used have to feature narrow colour distribution. The Power TopLED and Golden Dragon Plus LED produced by the Regensburg company meet this requirement. However, apart from the superior quality of the LED solutions, other criteria were also decisive in selecting the right lighting supplier, when it came to developing the LEDbeam light strips, Osram was there to assist in achieving the best possible result for Cape Town’s football fans.



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