Olympic Paints performs well at The Gold Pack Awards

Olympic Paints

Olympic Paints won three gold awards at the Gold Pack Awards for it Flip ‘n Roll packaging in the categories, Household, Rigid plastic and Gold Pack trophy.

The IPSA Gold Pack Awards are about promoting innovation, identifying the best solutions that have met South African and regional packaging challenges and ultimately maximising exports and minimising imports for the continent. The awards are also about benchmarking the local industry and keeping pace with global technological developments, as well as recognising outstanding design – which includes construction, graphics, convenience, product protection and ecological impact.

The judges looked for the excellent application and execution of any new, innovative and creative design, marketing and technology applied to packaging in South Africa. It is understood that the concept or technology may not necessarily be original but it has been used in a manner that makes it stand out or is exceptional. The judges looked for packaging that demonstrated the ingenuity and competitiveness of the South African Packaging Industry.

The scrutiny applied equally to the disciplines of design, marketing and technology, both individually and as a combination. The packs that win these awards should be examples of which the entire South African Packaging Industry would be proud.

Olympic Paints won three gold awards at this prestigious event for it Flip ‘n Roll packaging in the categories, Household, Rigid plastic and Gold Pack trophy.

The judges had no difficulty recognising the excellence in the development, design and execution of the packaging for this entry. Conventional 20 litre round buckets of paint require the paint to be poured out into a tray for even application with a roller. This unique pack design of a square paint bucket and lid is designed with a triple lock system and tamper-proof seal. The flip top lid locks in the open position and becomes the painter’s built-in roller tray.

This paint bucket with its flip top lid for convenient use as a paint tray also has other features making it a stand out entry in the category. The square shape saves space in distribution and display at retail level. The buckets are stackable and can carry their own filled weight to a height of four buckets. The pack has a triple lock system and a tamper proof seal. The real innovation is the lid, which flips open to become a self-contained roller tray.