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Established in 1967, Harvey Roofing Products is the market leader in steel roofing tiles and accessories.

Established in 1967, Harvey Roofing Products is the market leader in steel roofing tiles and accessories. From modest beginnings, the business has evolved into one that arguably boasts the sturdiest and most attractive roofing systems available on the market. This success stems from its strict code of professionalism, quality and exceptional service levels.

Harvey Roofing Products manufacture a variety of steel roofing tiles in various colours. Its flagship, HarveyThatch tile, has also become a popular choice because of its unique features. It serves as a lasting solution and maintenance free option if compared to natural thatch.

The company’s range of roof tiles is not only immaculate and attractive in appearance, but offer superb structural integrity. Its factory in Brakpan is one of the largest of its kind in the world and meets and maintains the highest quality standards for this range of products.

The steel based tiles are designed and manufactured for strength and offer many added benefits over traditional roof tiles:

  • Unique overlapping system and fixing technique provides not only a leak-proof roof but also a form of burglar proofing. Tiles are available in galvanised mild steel substrate or in Alu-Zinc coated mild steel for added long term corrosion resistance
  • It’s durable and weather resistant. The acrylic coating was developed to withstand high ultra-violet levels and the most adverse weather conditions. The small stone granules bonded to the tile surface result in a durable finish, which protects against extensive weathering including gale force winds, downpours and hailstorms
  • Maintenance – the roof tiles are low on maintenance
  • Versatility – Harvey roof tiles are the tiles of choice for re-roofing, easily turning a house into a prize home in just a few days
  • Strong on cost saving – the excellent weight to strength ratio of Harvey Roof Tiles means that the investment is in the tiles and not costly roof structures.

Harvey Roofing Products enforce stringent quality standards. Being a division of Africa’s leading steel supplier – Macsteel, the company gets to use the best steel. The company then prepare and press it to the finest tolerances, coat the tile with the quality paints and binding materials, cover the tile with the best surfaces and finally produce the best looking tile. The final product goes through further quality checks to ensure that the tile meets Harvey Roofing Products’s own quality standards.

This means that consumers and retailers alike can rest assured if the tile carries the Harveytile quality stamp it is indeed a Harveytile manufactured to the most exacting standards.

Always busy researching and innovating Harvey Roofing Products are constantly introducing new and exciting products to the market. The original Elitetile and Tufftile ranges, traditionally sold through retailers have now been extended to include HarveyThatch and HarveySlate tiles.


HarveyThatch is an advanced product giving you all the benefits of natural thatch without the associated problems. It has earned the reputation worldwide of being a superior steel tile solution to traditional thatch roofs.

Natural thatch offers a cosy, warm atmosphere and is loved for the character it creates, but it is expensive, high maintenance and a high fire risk.

Thatch requires regular combing and repairing. It can be costly to insure, due to its high fire risk and it also requires expensive lightning conductors.

HarveyThatch offers an alternative, which matches the best features of natural thatch without any of the drawbacks.

HarveyThatch is a durable, flexible, lightweight steel tile that creates the look and feel of natural thatch. Thus re-roofing existing thatch roofs are a major hassle and disruptive, but re-roofing using HarveyThatch is hassle-free as the existing thatch is left in place ensuring no disruption to the interior of the building whilst retaining the natural warmth.

Thatch naturally degenerates limiting the lifespan of the thatch itself and is damaged by constant exposure to the elements including wind and rain, whereas HarveyThatch easily withstands the elements. Natural thatch can be damaged by birds and vermin whilst HarveyThatch is bird, vermin, algae and fungi proof. Natural thatch is a fire and lightning risk whereas HarveyThatch is lightning safe and a much reduced fire hazard.


HarveySlate is the next generation in roof tiles and the latest addition to the Harvey Roofing Product range.

Slate roofs are well loved, but it is costly, heavy and difficult to install. The HarveySlate alternative comes at a fraction of the cost of natural stone slate. The product is lightweight, durable, break proof, low on maintenance and weatherproof. Installation is simple and quick. The product is perfect for new roofs or re-roofing as the tiles can be installed over existing roofs.

HarveySlate offers all the aesthetic appeal of traditional slate roofs without the expense and complications of traditional slate. As with all Harveytiles the HarveySlate tile is produced either with a galvanised substrate or a zinc substrate for coastal areas – another winner for retailers to ensure their customers get the best roof tiles on offer.

HarveyTiles are available from your leading retailer outlet.

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