New name, same exceptional service

Powafix Multi Filla

The Powafix Multi Filla is still the same exceptional crack filler it always has been.

The fast pace of change has never been more relevant than in our current market with consumer needs shifting at a rapid pace. We are all only too aware that time is never ours and often seems to feel that we just never have enough of it. There will always be a place for products that remain true to their roots, products that appreciate and understand the importance of the role they play in the lives of customers. Powafix has taken four words and expanded on them to ensure the company remains focused on how it delivers on both the needs of customers and the consumers that uses its products every day, across southern Africa.

Taking one of your key products and changing its name is not to be taken lightly. If however Powafix is consistent with its beliefs on customer relevancy, it can’t ignore the need to change. For 30 years the company manufactured and distributed All Purpose crack filler, the products reputation for consistent quality growing over this time and with it the trust that it will get the job done. All this based on these four words:

Brand – A brand is a name, term, design or symbol that identifies sellers’ goods and/or service as distinct from those of other sellers. It’s what distinguishes a product from the crowd in a crowded market.

Service – A commercial enterprise that provides work and/or process in an expert manner by an individual or team for the benefit of its customers.

Quality – Is the degree to which the product or service meet customers’ expectations.

Value – The difference between what a customer gets from a product, and what he or she must give/pay in order to get it.

The Powafix brand has always been a loud and distinctive red but red is a colour and a colour must never be confused with a brand. The red might make its products easy to find but it’s the service that gets it there, it’s the quality that keeps it going and the value makes Powafix relevant, and by combining all three the product has remained relevant for 30 years.

To stay relevant Powafix listened, and found that the market was using its product to fill more than just cracks. Its All-Purpose crack filler had slowly built a multi-functional reputation, a Multi Filla reputation.

Multi Filla – Weather proof formulation can not only withstand the harsh extremes of southern Africa, but dries at a similar rate to traditional interior crack fillers, which saves application time and negates the need for contractors to keep bags of different products.

Multi Filla – Cracks and holes are not the only blemishes that need to be repaired before painting. The cost of paint and painting has steadily risen. To achieve a smooth and flawless paint finish often requires skimming the surface so it is smooth and then painting it. To achieve a decorative appeal a long lasting paint film starts with a good foundation and the durable, flexible, adhesion promoted formulation is the perfect match.

Multi Filla – The adhesion promoted raw material ensures the plaster adheres to a multitude of popular building surfaces, such as concrete, plaster, gypsum, fibre cement, timber and bricks.

At Powafix being more than just a product is not just a brand tag, but more the way the company does business. Changing All Purpose crack filler to Multi Filla is about being more to more people but still based on the same brand, service, quality and value built up over the last 30 years. All backed by its unique product guarantee.

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