New line laser generation from Bosch for professionals

Bosch line laser

Remotely control the laser lines via your smart device.

For more efficiency at the construction site, Bosch offers a new Line Laser Generation with three models: the entry-model GLL 3-80 Professional as well as the connected models GLL 3-80 C Professional (Red) and GLL 3-80 CG Professional (Green). Worldwide they are the first ever Line Lasers that thanks to Bluetooth, can be controlled via an App. Tradesman now can use the Levelling Remote App to switch laser lines on or off without touching the tool and not accidentally disturb lines already set up. Controlling via the App makes working in difficult areas easier and faster. The brightness of the laser lines can be set as needed, either to see in bright areas or save battery life. The Bosch Levelling Remote App is freely downloadable from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and is part of the Bosch Toolbox App.

Bosch sensors monitor the calibration

The connected models offer an additional calibration warning, the Cal Guard Function – a Bosch engineered world first, with which users can identify possible calibration impacts. The calibration of a Line Laser can be impacted from various external stimuli, which are not always easily identifiable at first sight. For example if the product was impacted by a massive fall or exposed to extreme temperatures outside the allowed -20°C to +70°C it will react. The tool indicates these factors through a red LED light, warning the user that the product is out of calibration. Detailed information to the warning can be obtained from the App, so that the user can always keep an eye on the calibration and fulfil all jobs with accuracy.

The Cal Guard Function also informs the user when the recommended 12-month calibration interval has expired. The Bosch sensors monitor the state of the tool even when it is switched on or off continuously. Should the tool be without battery, an internal small energy source continues to monitor the tool for up to 72 hours.

Line laser with exceptional high visibility

All three models project a horizontal as well as two vertical 360°-laser lines, whereby the crossing vertical lines form a plumb point on the roof and floor. The GLL 3-80 Professional and the GLL 3-80 C Professional high performance diodes ensure that the red laser lines are still visible in well lit environments. The GLL 3-80 CG Professional works however, with green laser lines, which are four times more visible to the naked eye than red lasers of the same class.

Universal helper for various user applications

Be it splitting of rooms for dry walling, precise tile laying or the installing of cupboards – through all its functions the new generation of line lasers covers a wide variety of applications. By switching to single lines on only, the lines take the function of a cross-line laser to a point laser. Even interior rotation laser applications can to an extent be covered by the new models. For tradesman this means they only need one tool for all interior levelling applications and can avoid purchasing numerous laser levels. Additionally, multiple tradesmen can work on different areas at the same time.

For flexible mounting possibilities, use the BM 1 Professional universal mount. Both Bluetooth models are now compatible with dual power source. They can be operated using with the Bosch 12 Volt battery as well as normal alkaline batteries.

The new generation of line lasers will be available towards the end of November 2017.


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