No more faulty connectors or kinky hoses

Wedgit garden hose

Wedgit is a new range of tough garden hose products available from Vermont Sales

The story of the Wedgit connector and kink resistant hose started when the designer had the same irritating problem every gardener experiences when watering the garden, namely faulty connectors, and hoses that kink and eventually leak.

Due to this frustration, the quest to design a better garden hose connector began. The aim was to develop an easy to use, robust, non-leaking connector. It wasn’t long before the concept started taking shape, resulting in an entirely new approach to hose connections.

The Wedgit concept typifies its inventors’ approach to design and life by keeping the design simple, practical, and robust, while ensuring pleasing aesthetics. Henk van der Meijden and Alexis Wadman are experienced product innovators and designers who have developed a multitude of pioneering products over the past three decades. Many of these have found their way to the mass consumer market, including products that are marketed internationally under well-known brands. The innovators were joined in 2013 by Johan van Rensburg to assist with the commercialising, manufacturing, and marketing of the Wedgit range of products locally and internationally.

Wedgit hose couplings are tough and made from a higher-grade UV- stabilised engineering polymer resulting in superior mechanical strength and rigidity and, with reduced moving parts, offering a robust alternative to current standard hose connectors. The hose nut insures an unequalled bond to the hose (any type of hose). In fact, a young child can connect Wedgit to a tap or an accessory with ease. Connectors are available for both 12mm (½″) and 19mm (¾″) garden hose. The couplings are Leak-free and tested to 17 bars (three times municipal water pressure). They offer a strong connection to the hose – strong enough to tow a car (tested). By using the Wedgit Converter Cap, the patented (pending) coupling technology is compatible with current sprayers and nozzles.
To match these new innovative connectors Wedgit offers their premium Kink Resistant 9-sided (faceted) garden hose with a 10-year design life. It is manufactured in two sizes 12mm (½”) and 19mm (¾″) diameters. The tough and kink-resistant garden hose, together with the durable hose connectors are fitting companions to the water-wise gardener. This innovative system reduces a gardener’s worst nightmare – kinking, leaking, and breaking.

Manufactured in South Africa from UV-treated materials and containing no heavy metals, this quality garden hose solution promises to be durable and friendly to the environment as well.

Another unique selling point for this product is it has a burst pressure rating of 35 bar for the 12mm hose and 28 bars for the 19mm, it promises to become a leader in the industry. The Wedgit packages for both size hoses is the bundled Wedgit Starter Set (containing the Quick Connect, Tap Connector, Adjustable Nozzle and Converter Caps), offering a complete garden hose solution.

Wedgit also offer the following tap connectors to fit all common tap sizes in ½, 5/8, ¾ and 1”.

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