New frontiers for Stanley Black & Decker

Energised, engaged, committed, innovative, and efficient are the five words Stanley Black & Decker uses to describe itself.

DIY: SBD has been in the country for a couple of years, what have been the major challenges?

SBD: Black & Decker and Stanley have a history that goes back in South Africa for decades. Black & Decker had a major presence as a leading tool brand for years, which lightened somewhat during the apartheid years; Stanley has been a market leader in hand tools in South Africa for many years. Stanley and Black & Decker merged in 2010 to become Stanley Black & Decker. Stanley Black & Decker corporate has recently re-evaluated its presence in emerging markets and decided to focus on growth and expansion in South Africa and Africa. South Africa will be the gateway to the company’s presence in the rest of Africa. Dion de Graaff has been appointed as the General Manager to facilitate the expansion strategy, while Mayan Desai has been appointed as the Trade Marketing Manager for the Southern African Region. De Graaff says, “The relatively slow economy has been the major challenge, but fortunately the organisation has done well, showing good, profitable growth despite these challenges.”

Dion De Graaff

General Manager Dion De Graaff


DIY: What opportunities have SBD identified in South Africa?

SBD: “Significant opportunities have been identified through a combination of how we work, new products that we are able to introduce to the market, as well as a much more customer and user focused approach. This new approach will change how we bring these products to market and then support them and our brands,” says Desai.

DIY: Is the rest of Africa a focus?

SBD: “Yes, we have an aggressive expansion strategy for Africa, and South Africa will be an important part of the broader Africa plan,” says de Graaff.

DIY: What has changed at SBD over the past 24 months?

SBD: De Graaff explains: “The most important change is in strategic intent towards Africa. Seeing Africa as a key emerging market where we need to invest more aggressively in our brands and capability.”

DIY: Why should retailers be excited about SBD in the country?

“We believe we are able to facilitate growth the industry sectors in which we participate, and in so doing create value for all. As the world’s leading company this will be achieved through our world class brands, innovation, and genuine engagement with users of our products,” says Desai.

Mayan Desai

Trade Marketing Manager for Southern Africa Mayan Desai

Stanley Black & Decker offers an extensive range of tools that service a vast array of industries. The portfolios in Africa have the ability to service the following industries: construction, DIY, security solutions, retail tools, industrial tools, administrations and army, oil and gas, mining, energy, trains, aerospace, agriculture, general industry, small engines, motorbikes, busses and trucks, automotive industries, electricity and electrical distribution.

DIY: Your head office is in Johannesburg. Do you have other branches?

SBD: We have representation through agents and route to market partners across the country.

DIY: With so many power tools in the country, what makes SBD different?

SBD: “Stanley Black & Decker is not just about power tools, but tools overall. We master innovation, scale, product performance, world class brands, and after sales service,” says Desai.

DIY: What exciting sneak preview can you give readers about new products?

SBD: To celebrate its return to the South African market, power tool giant Black & Decker is giving away R150 000 in prizes to hundreds of winners over the next three months, with a single grand prize of R100 000. To stand a chance to win, simply purchase any Black & Decker product from any of South Africa’s major DIY retailers.

To enter customers need to SMS their barcode number and name to the short code provided. Entrants will be randomly selected from a database and will be SMSed directly with a request to send a photo of their till slip to the email address supplied.

The prizes up for grabs are:

1600W 38cm Electric Lawnmower with Compact&Go: Not even long or wet grass can hinder this compact, high-performance mower, which can easily cut close to edges and is slim enough to slip under shrubs or outdoor furniture. The Compact & Go collection box can hold up to 30% more grass than normal mowers.

10.8V Oscillating Multi Tool with SuperlokTM Tool Free Clamping system: No Allen key is needed to change heads on this multi-functional tool which can be used for myriad DIY tasks from cutting to sanding and scraping. Its slim compact design and soft grip make it easy to handle while the tool-free accessory holder allows you to change the tool quickly and easily.

1200W 32cm Electric Lawnmower: Close-edge cutting on all types of grass is a given with this high performance mower. An optimized 35-litre grass box means you spend less time emptying it and an integrated handle makes it easy to lift and move. The quick-release cable keeps things tidy and a low-profile design allows for improved access under shrubs and furniture.

14.4V Lithium Ion EVO Multitool: enables you to transform your home with a single tool that drills, saws and sands without compromising performance. Simply change the head on the tool to transform it from a drill driver to a jigsaw or detail sander.

550W String trimmer: This trimmer is the perfect size for medium gardens. The lightweight, ergonomic design quickly converts from trimming to edging and the telescopic tube allows you to adjust the trimmer according to your height.

Gyro Driver™ Gyroscopic Motion Sensing Screwdriver: This is the world’s first motion activated screwdriver that senses gentle movements in your wrist to control the motors direction & speed, so driving screws perfectly first time, every time, is now easier than ever before.

Steam-mop™ with Autoselect® technology: Just add tap water to the easy-fill tank and the built in filtering system will remove lime scale to ensure a longer life. The mop is safe to use on all sealed floors, and the 180⁰ pivoting mop head means it can be maneuvered around furniture and tight spaces.

18V New Pivot Nose Dustbuster: This improved version of a household favourite is 10% smaller than the previous model, yet the dirt bowl is 40% bigger making it lighter and more comfortable to hold, while providing greater performance. It’s also very quiet and has a 200-degree pivoting nose to allow you to clean hard-to-reach areas.

9.6V Dustbuster® Wet & Dry Hand Vac:  A lightweight, cordless hand vacuum for general cleaning tasks around the home. With its wide-mouth design this vacuum can effortlessly scoop up large debris, while a double action filtration system provides long-lasting performance.

DIY: You recently changed the branding of SBD, why?

SBD: “Stanley Black & Decker corporate branding has not changed but two of our flagship brands Black & Decker, and Stanley have changed. The branding has evolved to reflect not just a new fresh image, but also to help signal our new positioning of these two world-class brands. Positioning that for Black & Decker allows us to expand from our heritage of power tools to a consumer brand that offers solutions for the home. The change for Stanley is to help reinforce its position that it is a brand that has a bias for performance and its scope is not simply limited to power tools,” says Desai.

DIY: How do you believe SBD is positioned in SA?

SBD: “Stanley Black & Decker is perfectly positioned for the South African market with a huge range of quality tools and appliances that appeal to the entire South African demographic, from Stanley hand tools, to Black & Decker power tools for the DIY enthusiast, and Black & Decker household appliances. Then there are DeWalt professional power tools for industrial application, and the Facom range of professional tools for the automotive and industrial sectors.  We have world class brands, many opportunities, and the backing of the works largest tool company,” says Desai.

DIY: Will we see more innovation from SBD in coming years?

SBD: “Innovation is in the DNA of our brands. At a global level we are looking at more than 2,300 new products over the next three years, of which 225 will be world firsts,” says de Graaff.


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