New exterior technology

Prominent exterior paint

‘All – Seasons’ masonry exterior paint

Prominent Paints recently launched an innovative, new technology to the exterior coatings industry.

The new ‘All- Seasons’ masonry exterior paint from Prominent Paints promises to bring a something new and fresh to the coatings industry. The technology behind the range is a first for paint and makes the All-Seasons exterior paint performance superior to anything else on the market.

Unpredictable weather conditions can make it hard to plan jobs. With the PPG new All Seasons Technology exterior paint projects can be confidently scheduled. PPG has developed a ground-breaking new resin that offers polymerisation even under wet conditions and allows good wettability on wet substrates. Prominent Paints High Performance All-Seasons has been designed for use in adverse weather conditions. The durable water-resistant formula ensures that exterior paint surfaces can be painted without worrying about rain predicted at short notice.

All-Seasons – a first for paint

  • It contains a new fast drying technology – after just 20 minutes at 23°C or three hours at 5°C, the film is dry and completely rain-resistant
  • Wet substrate compatibility – A new PPG formula ensuring polymerisation even under wet conditions
  • Wide temperature ranges – all seasons can be applied from 2 to 25°C, and up to 90% humidity
  • Surfactant leaching resistance – a specific formula with a significantly reduced amount of free surfactant while maintaining excellent mechanical stability
  • Can be applied direct to substance (unless redecorating in which case a primer must be used)
  • Offers UV resistance and a manufacturer’s warranty.

What this mean for consumers

  • No need to postpone your exterior projects in rainy weather
  • Can be applied directly to wet, condensing surfaces
  • No need to worry about extreme weather conditions
  • Prevent unexpected defects in your paint projects
  • Can be applied when it is cold, hot or raining.


  • Water based
  • Matt finish
  • Tintable to all colours in the Prominent Paints NCS colour system
  • Available in five and 20l
  • 6 – 8m² coverage per litre.

The All-Season high- performance external coating has already been launched to developers, contractors, architects and asset owners. This ensures that demand has been established and retailers can benefit from this demand by ensuring they have stock of the product. The packaging is upmarket and eye catching.

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