Nature proof roofing

Harvey roof tiles

Established in 1967, Harvey Roofing Products is a market leader in steel roofing tiles and accessories.

Driving rain, gale force winds, pounding hail and the harshest sun is no match for Harvey Roof Tiles, a proudly South African roof tile and accessories manufacturer.  

Established in 1967, Harvey Roofing Products is a market leader in steel roofing tiles and accessories. The company boasts the sturdy and attractive roofing solution available to the market, underpinned by its strict code of professionalism, quality and exceptional service levels.

Harvey Roof Tiles are manufactured in a variety of colours that are not only immaculate and attractive in appearance, but offer superb structural integrity. As a proudly South African manufacturer, the factory in Brakpan is one of the largest of its kind in the world and meets and maintains the highest quality standards for this range of products.

The steel based tiles are designed and manufactured for strength and offer many added benefits over traditional roof tiles:

  1. Unique overlapping system and fixing technique provides not only a leak-proof roof but also a form of burglar proofing. Tiles are available in galvanised mild steel substrate or in Alu-Zinc coated mild steel for added long term corrosion resistance
  2. Durable and weather resistant: The acrylic coating, which has been developed through ongoing research, withstands high ultra-violet levels and the most adverse weather conditions. The small stone granules bonded to the tile surface result in a durable finish which protects against extensive weathering including gale force winds, downpours and hailstorms
  3. Maintenance: The roof tiles are low on maintenance
  4. Versatility: Harvey roof tiles are the tiles of choice for re-roofing, easily turning a house into a prize home in just a few days
  5. Strong on Savings: The excellent weight to strength ratio of Harvey Roof Tiles means that the investment is in the tiles and not costly roof structures.

Harvey Roofing Products enforce stringent quality standards. Being a division of Africa’s leading steel supplier Macsteel, the company gets to use the best steel. It is prepared and pressed to the finest tolerances, the tile is coated with superior paints and binding materials which cover the tile surface and produce an appealing tile. The final product goes through further quality checks to ensure that the tile meets our exacting quality standards.

Beware of imitations!

If it doesn’t say Harveytile, it’s not a Harveytile – look for the Harveytile quality stamp.

Consumers and retailers alike can rest assured that if the tile carries the Harveytile quality stamp it is indeed a Harvey Roof Tile, manufactured to the most exacting standards. Harvey Roof Tiles are tested and proven to withstand the worst that nature brings for decades of trouble-free roofing.



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