Magnet supports Earth Hour

Magnet, specialists in the implementation of energy efficient electrical programmes throughout Southern Africa, supported this year’s Earth Hour – a global World Wildlife Fund (WWF) climate change initiative.


In a pledge to support action against climate change, the Magnet team joined the world in switching off lights at 20h30 on 23 March 2013.


“Magnet, which honours its commitment to energy efficiency, saves on average 275-million kWh/year, which is equivalent to lighting up 13 000 km of road”, says Brian Howarth, managing director of Magnet. “Magnet has recently established a new company – Magnet Energy – which implements process energy saving initiatives that include pumping and fan solutions, heat pumps and load shifting, as well as refrigeration and processed air optimisation.”


The company is currently involved in energy saving projects throughout the country that include refrigeration optimisation and general process optimisation on pump and fan systems. Compressed air optimisation projects involve the analysis of existing consumption and power profiles. The installation of new equipment and an improvement of overall control systems ensure optimum compressor plant efficiency.


In conjunction with Eskom’s DSM programme, Magnet’s team of specialist engineers implements energy saving initiatives in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors, with the design and installation of the latest energy efficient systems.


Magnet’s projects include lighting, heat recovery, occupancy sensors, heat pump installations and process efficiency. Apart from project work, Magnet offers a range of energy efficient products that encompasses energy meters, eco kettles, multi plugs and air-conditioning controllers.


The company’s environmentally-friendly ‘green’ head office – which utilises energy efficient lighting, occupancy sensors, eco kettles and energy saving plug savers in the running of its business – also boasts a dedicated energy efficient showroom where a full range of products is on display.