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MacNaught Flexigun grease pump

Single hand operation.
Uses bulk or cartridge grease. 450g, 7 500pi/ 520 bar pressure.
Spare parts list: Item 21, 27 = HW625K27-2K; Item 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 = HW625K29-1K; Item 25 = HW625KB13; Item 23 = HW625KF103; Item 22 = HW625KF104; Item 9, 10 = HW625KF107S; Item 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 = HW625KF108S; Item 26 = HW625KF111; Item 20 = HW625KF129; Item 11 = HW625KF137S; Item 2 = HW625KF17; Item 24 = HW625KF26; Item 17, 18, 19 = HW625KF70S; Item 2 = HW625KF9; Item 27 = HW625N161. Product code: HW1961381

Superflex Cutting wheel

Freehand cutting of steel and other metals. Top selling cutting wheel. Fits angle grinder with flat adapter. Manufactured in South Africa. A high quality product incorporating over 20 years of experience and technology. Product code: HW2088495

Uniross rechargeable battery

Charger, two AAA batteries, two AA batteries, two D-size converters and a free battery holder. Product code: HW2342060

Direct Drive compressor

Wheel mounted compressor. Automatic pressure switch-controlled operation. Equipped with the following controls: 2 gauges, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, pressure switch and condensation valve. This compressor has a one piece aluminium cylinder with cast iron lining for durability. 206l/min, 2hp, and 8bar pressure. Product code: AO630/308-1

Concrete wheelbarrow

Economical, light-duty concrete wheelbarrow with a solid rubber wheel. Product code: SO095KRUIWA

Kaufmann welder

DC arc welding machine switch mode technology, compact in volume, light weight (8kg) and with power saving features. Easy arc initiation, stable welding current and low welding spatter. Protection for over voltage and over current. Supplied with welding cable, electrode holder, earth clamp and shoulder strap. Duty cycle is 20%-30% higher than conventional machines. The higher efficiency striking rate of 85%, with a power factor of 0.93, makes it the preferred choice in welding machines. Replacement cable set available at 391082. Product code: 392160

Polycop pipe

Polycop pipe for use with hot or cold water. Pipe is flexible and easy to install. Can be stored in rolls. JASWIC R36 – 5 year warranty. Holderbatt at code LTZ0301A. Product code: LTP0105A

Orbit indoor touch-screen controller

ST2T touch-screen sprinkler controller boasts easy to program technology that puts it in another class. Bright backlit display makes it easy to read in any location. Docking cradle simplifies wiring installation. Product code: 101007

Pratley Powda bond adhesive

Two-part instant repair system and gap filler. Sets ultra fast and can be painted and sanded. Used on car bumpers, wheel caps, radiators etc. Product code: HW2180665

Kaufmann screwdriver

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel. Black tip. Soft handle. Product code: HW1245100