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Since 1995 the Kaufmann brand has grown, gaining traction and popularity all over the South African countryside and was able to withstand many challenges.

Over the past 22 years, the Kaufmann brand has grown from strength to strength, gaining traction and popularity all over the South African countryside. However, the brand had to withstand many challenges as the economic and manufacturing landscape went through many changes since its inception over 20 years ago.

Fast-forward to 2018 and the company arrived at a crossroad for the brand. The Agrinet product team has been hard at work for the past three years developing and strategising in preparation for the next 22 years of the brand’s life span.

The team reviewed every aspect of the brand, from product and range selection, new packaging and re-evaluating many manufacturers to present a product range for all hands-on South Africans in urban and rural areas. The latest trends in branding, product design and manufacturing were taken into account to present the loyal Kaufmann consumer with a fresh take on the affordable quality of Kaufmann, and also to make the brand appealing to urban consumers.

“In much the same way agricultural communities are pioneers in their respective fields, the Kaufman brand pioneers new frontiers in the hardware tool category. Kaufmann is a proudly South African brand that now can hold its own among international contenders in the same field in terms of quality and presentation,” says David Kelly, product manager at Agrinet.


The Kaufmann story itself is the inspiration behind the new brand identity. With a rich and deep-seated heritage in agriculture, and the countryside communities of South Africa, inspiration was sought from the land itself. South Africa has a rich landscape that has been shaped and harnessed by the hands of people, whether farmers, builders or conservationists. People working with tools carve progress out of the resources that the country provides. It is this special partnership with various environments that require them to be hands-on; this is what Kaufmann wants to celebrate.

With Kaufmann quality tools, users will be inspired to tackle their environment, whether that is in the city or on a farm, and its challenges with confidence. The Kaufmann icon itself is a large ‘K’, inspired by the unique bird’s eye view perspective of striations, commonly seen zig-zagging across the land where people have been interacting with their environments.

International range benchmarking: The entire range of Kaufmann tools was reviewed and benchmarked against best in-class product examples internationally.

Packaging improvements: Packaging on all SKU’s were scrutinised and updated where applicable. The team established a centralised packaging supply chain to ensure economies of scale and better colour consistency.

Factory audits: All Kaufmann factories are now A-Graded according to international audit standards. A-Graded factories must meet strict control standards in terms of labour rights and standards, working conditions, quality checks, raw material checks, research and development, six sigma process philosophy and manufacturing excellence.

Kaufmann-Built Lifetime Warranty:  Building tools, measuring tools, striking tools, grinding tools and cutting tools are all on the shopping list. Durability and quality are key, as well as affordability. Kaufmann Hardware tools are well-priced and great quality and come with a lifetime warranty against materials and factory faults.

Kaufmann Hardware is exclusively distributed by Agrinet, backed by a national delivery network. This extensive delivery capability, coupled with break-bulk services, credit facilities, national after-sales support, in-market and in-store sales and merchandising support teams, as well as continued marketing and brand investment, is what will secure the future growth of the Kaufmann Hardware brand in the future.

For more information on the Kaufmann Hardware range, please contact the Agrinet team;

Samrand – 012-657-2222

Bellville – 021-959-5420

Email: info@agrinet.co.za

Web: www.agrinet.co.za