Ingco partner with SuperHatch race driver

Ingco tools partner with race driver

Ingco partnered with Brett Garland, a successful SuperHatch race driver.

The more power you have the more weight you run. That’s the simple SuperHatch formula. Only cars that run on road suspension are eligible to race. Racing is done in a standard hatchback car. Here the main rule is the power to weight ratio of the vehicle. Garland races in the 87kW per ton class – Class A of superhatch and runs the smallest engine in his class.

Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Brett Garland attended Milton Primary school to standard three after which the family moved to Centurion, South Africa. Brett initially went to Irene Primary school then Lyttleton Manor and finally matriculated at Sutherland High School. In 1999, he married his wife Diana and has two daughters, Danielle and Taylor – their father’s biggest fans

Garland got into racing by default. Essentially it was in his genes with both his parents being stock car racers in Zimbabwe. The costs of motor racing are prohibitive hence Garland only started his hobby of choice later in life when his brother, Ronnie gave him an ‘Arrive and Drive’ present for his birthday. This meant he could turn up at the raceway (in this case Midvaal), partake in a practice session on the Friday and race on the Saturday.

This was the first time Garland had ever driven a Silvercup race car and he placed 3rd. Based on this his brother paid for another ‘Arrive and Drive’ at Phakisa Freeway in Welkom where Garland was again successful by placing 3rd after starting from the back of the grid after running out of fuel in the qualifying round – rookie error.

Based on this impressive debut in Silvercup racing, Ronnie offered his brother a car to compete in Superhatch racing in 2011, provided he could find the necessary sponsorship to race. Within a year this had been achieved and Goldwagon sponsored the series. Autobarn took over the series sponsorship in 2017 and 2018.

Ingco, suppliers to Autobarn, were pinpointed as potential strategic partners and hence the current Ingco co-sponsorship of Brett Garland. Angelo Angelos, managing director of Ingco recognised the strategic potential in sponsoring Brett Garland.

“Our Ingco tools both hand and powered are the perfect tools for the motor industry and offer mechanics reliable, quality tools unrivalled by other brands”, said Angelos. The Ingco logo appears on both side fenders and on the back windscreen of all the Autobarn cars. “Garland is a super successful and general nice guy. The support and ambassadorship offered by him to the Ingco brand, on his social media platforms and during post-race interviews were really great.

“The Ingco team attended the race days as team building exercises and this too was very successful for us. The racing series gets television and YouTube exposure, which is positive exposure for Ingco as Garland consistently placed either first or second in every event he participates in.

Garland boasts the following stats:

150 Races in total:

49 x 1st place – 32.67%

49 x 2nd place – 32.67%

34 x 3rd place – 22.97%

5 x 4th place – 3.38%

3 x 5th place – 2.03%

2 x 6th place – 1.35%

1 x 7th place – 0.68%

130 x Podiums – 88%

11 Non-Podiums 7.43%

7 DNS/DNF 4.73%

Other stats

2011 – 4th Class A – Rookie of the year, 14th Overall

2012 – 4th Class A – Crowd Pleaser, 7th Overall

2013 – 2nd Class A – Kyalami Lap record, 3rd Overall

2014 – 1st Class A – Index Winner, 1st Overall

2015 – 2nd Class A – Crowd Pleaser, 7th Overall

2016 – 1st Class A – Crowd Pleaser, 7th Overall

2017 – 2nd Class A – by 1 point, and Index Winner, 4th Overall

2018 – 1st Class A – Index Winner, 3rd Overall