Increased drilling rate PLUS less heat and wear

Bosch HSS PointTeQ drill bits

Faster drilling with less heat and wear

The self-centring drill bit enables simple and fast drilling with reduced friction and quick chip removal. This is made possible with its oxide-coated flute. The higher drilling speed will reduce wear and tear and thus increase the drill bit’s lifetime.

HSS Ground

HSS Ground

Professionals such as installers, electricians, locksmiths, machine engineers and mechanics can reach their work goals particularly quick. Its self-centring drill bit prevents the drill from slipping on the workpiece and ensures easy and quick pilot drilling. This results in a faster drilling rate

compared to other entry-level metal drills. All common metal applications for hand-held drills can be performed quickly and efficiently.

Increased output

The fast drilling rate of the HSS PointTeQ reduces friction with the material. The tip heats up less than comparable metal drills with standard grinding. It does not become blunt as quickly and the wear-and-tear is reduced. This ensures higher productivity and a longer lifetime for the metal drill. Furthermore,

Bosch’s X433 Standard metal flap disk

Bosch’s X433 Standard metal flap disk

the drill flute is oxide-coated to reduce friction and, therefore, speed up chip removal, making drilling additionally easier and speeding up the work progress.

The HSS range

The HSS range from Bosch features products for every need. The HSS PointTeQ for fast drilling in metal, the HSS Ground for precision, the HSS

Impact enabling robust drilling with impact and the HSS Cobalt giving the user excellent lifespan when used in stainless steel. The Cobalt drill is the only drill from the range, which is capable of drilling into stainless steel.

HSS Cobalt

HSS Cobalt

Range overview

HSS Ground:

  • HSS Ground is for drilling through metal with precision
  • Active cutting and perfect centring without wandering is achieved by the split point tip
  • Precision-ground bit made of HSS enables fast results
  • No need to pre-punch or pilot drill up to 10mm-diameter
  • Manufactured to DIN 338, diameter tolerance h8

HSS Impact:

  • HSS Impact offers highly robust drilling in metal, especially with impact drivers
  • Precision-ground from solid metal with an oxide-coated flute for slicing through materials with reduced wear
  • Active cutting and perfect centring due to split point tip
  • 1/4-inch hex-shank for universal use
  • Manufactured to DIN 338, diameter tolerance h8

HSS Cobalt:

  • HSS Cobalt provides long-lasting performance when drilling stainless steel
  • Cobalt alloy and fully ground HSS provide wear resistance and heat protection
  • Active cutting and perfect centring without wandering are achieved by pointed split point tip
  • Manufactured to DIN 338 with tip of 135 degrees, diameter tolerance h8

High removal meets smooth finish

Bosch’s X433 Standard metal flap disk is the new benchmark. The Aloxide flap disc is one of the best solutions for welding seam removal. It becomes an easy and efficient product to work with.

HSS Impact

HSS Impact

The X433 combines a high removal rate with a smooth good surface result. This is achieved through its Premium Aluminium oxide grains for high removal rate. The product also features 72 flaps enabling self-sharpening delivering a consistent good finish. For more information, call 011-651-9600


Grain: Premium Aluminium Oxide
Backing: X Weight-cloth
Carrier plate: 7 layer Glass fibre plate
Diameter: 100mm, 115mm, 125mm and 180mm
Grit: 36, 40, 60, 80, 120



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