Hamilton Brush announces independent future

Hamilton Brush sold

Hamilton Brush financial director, Willem Manders, general manager, Terence Ladner and national sales manager, Ross Latten.

Hamilton Brush in March announced the completion of the management buyout under the current management structure.

Hamilton Brush is no longer under the Dawn group and has been sold to its current management. This transaction sees ownership move from the Dawn group, to now being independently owned by Terence Ladner, who remains at the helm of the company, along with Ross Latten and Willem Manders as shareholders. This transaction provides the foundation for the next phase of the Hamilton Brush journey.

“The management team is extremely excited to take on this next chapter in Hamilton’s growth,” said Terence Ladner, who firmly maintains that sustainable customer relationships underpin the brand’s purpose.

Under Ladner’s leadership, he has secured key staff members who bring a level of experience and integrity built on years of collective industry knowledge, the same staff that were instrumental in building the brand when Hamilton Brush was initially privately owned, and who will ensure that consistency and stability are maintained for the Hamilton’s brand.

Whilst, this deal is an important and significant milestone in the Hamilton Brush history, the company will remain a customer-centric business, providing quality products and painting solutions at affordable pricing, along with excellent service at the core of the business.

Hamilton Brush is confident that it will continue to build and restore the brand to its former proud status within the market sector.

Hamilton’s, has a proud history in the local market. The company is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of paintbrushes, paint rollers and paint accessories has been operating for over 200 years and is certainly well recognised in South Africa.

Hamilton’s first fell under Plascon. It was later sold to the Engelbrecht brothers in March 2014. The Dawn Group acquired part of the business at a later stage and before taking over the brand in its entirety, run by Ladner as general manager and an experienced team.