Essential Group announces major changes

Essential Group retail solutions

Suppliers and industry sector supply chains can contact the Essential Group to enquire how to maximise logistics processes, profits and compliance scores.

After an extremely exciting National Trade Day 2018, The Essential Group has announced some major innovative changes that will be implemented in 2019; changes that have the potential to exponentially grow the Essential brand across our suppliers, contractors, staff, clients, members and throughout various industries.

One of the biggest enablers for this change will be partnering with various business sectors to assist in every aspect of its supply chain, ensuring benefits for these sector partners, our suppliers, contractors, members and our potential industry partners.

What’s new?

Realising the importance of top-line revenue growth
The Essential Group has prioritised the importance of growing our members’ Top-Line revenue and opening protected routes-to-market channels for our suppliers, with the main aims of assisting in growing the Essential members and the Essential brand as a whole.

This is the first major new development in the Essential world, and this initiative has the potential to increase members’ sales and revenue streams, which increases the brand’s impact on the market.

National training centre

Another new undertaking that has started in 2019 is the building and establishment of a state-of-the-art multiple purpose national training centre in which we plan to train suppliers, contractors, service providers, current and potential Essential members in every aspect of the industry – (officially launching in Q2 of 2019).

The group has an exciting cooperative initiative that is being developed with its key suppliers, contractors and industry partners participating in training and contributing to the sharing of information between all parties.

You’re invited

Suppliers and industry sector supply chains can contact the Essential Group to enquire how you can maximise your logistics processes, profits and compliance scores.

Retailers and Essential members can also enquire as to how to leverage the unique offerings and bring your business into the future as part of the Essential family.