Dycon into awards final

Dycon has been nominated in the final stage of the All-Ireland Marketing awards for the second year on the trot. The short-listing process and awards ceremony is organised by the Marketing Institute of Ireland and the award winners will be announced this month. It is a great honour to make it into the final as this truly recognises the success and contributions of those within the marketing sector throughout the country every year.

The prestigious panel of marketing practitioners and experts attentively adjudicate the finalists against set criteria which they must present in the commencing weeks. Dycon are excited and enthusiastic about being included in their selection process and will present the proposal in April. “Our sector of the construction, maintenance and repair industry has been exceptionally hard hit. Gaining market share and retarding the rate of decline has been a particularly difficult marketing challenge. We are delighted that the Institute has recognised our strategies and the results again this year, as every bit of encouragement helps the process along. We have a very good team supporting our brand in both the Republic and Northern Ireland and this nomination is as much recognition for their efforts as well,” says Gerard Metzer, sales and marketing manager from Dycon.

Dycon are amongst four other companies shortlisted for the small business marketing award category, but is privileged to be the only company from the building and construction industry to receive this recognition.



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