Doing it right

Den Braven Workshop

The Den Braven Team

As always, the Den Braven workshop is an event to look forward to. It teaches participants what exactly each product is, and its practical application and attendees get a chance to try it out – an informative affair indeed.

This one was no different. The event was a practical workshop, highlighting some of the Den Braven sealants and adhesives anchor products,  uses, features and benefits.

The company was established in 1980 and is now part of the French company Arkema. Millions of Den Braven sealant cartridges, adhesives, foams and technical aerosols are manufactured and supplied into diverse markets, including, but not limited to, construction, glass, glazing, aluminium, automotive, industrial and DIY markets.

Den Braven South Africa’s product portfolio includes silicones, acrylic, polyurethane sealants, PU Foams, adhesives, technical aerosols, SPUR and MS sealants.

Sustainability and the harmful effect of VOCs are top of mind in the built environment today, and Den Braven’s hybrid product range have very low VOC content and thus conform to the South African Green Building Council Standards.



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