Diamonds – operator’s best friend

Bosch Power Tools has launched a new range of durable diamond cutting discs and core cutters that are designed to fit numerous tools for a variety of applications.

Bosch SA regional brand manager for power tool accessories Campbell Mhodi notes that the discs and core cutters have specially branded ‘Speed Slotted’ segments that reduce side friction, which ensures the swift removal of material dust, and ultimately results in a prolonged operating lifespan.

“The segment height on the diamond cutting discs has been increased by up to 15mm, and by up to 11,5mm on the diamond cores. This, together with a specially selected mix of top grade diamonds with self-sharpening effect, increases the cutting speed and longevity of the discs,” he explains.

According to Mhodi, the range of Bosch diamond cutting discs are available in diameters ranging from 115mm to 500mm, making them ideally suited to a variety of cutting applications, ranging from ceramics and stone, to concrete, metal, marble and asphalt. “What’s more, the diamond cores are available in sizes ranging from 12mm to 300mm, and are suitable for wet and dry drilling tasks” says he.

The Bosch range of diamond cutting discs are divided into ‘Professional for’, ‘Expert for’ and ‘Best for’ performance categories, according to their performance capabilities. The Professional range of cutting discs is competitively-priced and aimed at entry-level users, such as DIY enthusiasts.

The ‘Professional for’ range of diamond discs is designed for use on standard building materials such as bricks and masonry, while the ‘Best for’range is designed for craftsmen that specialise in cutting standard materials, in addition to highly demanding materials such as reinforced concrete, cast iron pipe and metal.

“The range structure is strictly geared towards specific applications, and the packaging is based on a clear differentiation between three performance categories. One, two or three diamonds are shown on the packaging, so that the user can identify the performance categories,” adds Mhodi.

What’s more is that a new colour coding system indicates which specific materials the discs are suitable for cutting. “Together with the self explanatory, clearly arranged pictograms on the packaging, this enables easy and quick selection of the optimum diamond accessory for the application. This saves the user time, and also eliminates any confusion,” he concludes.




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