Contan launches PolyCans

Contan is now pleased to offer one and five litre PolyCans for solvent based paint

No screwdrivers are required to open Contan’s tamper-evident 5L PolyCan

After extensive development and testing, Contan is now pleased to offer one and five litre PolyCans for solvent based paint. This specialist range provides sufficient barrier protection to prevent permeation and panelling. It is a first in the industry and finally allows solvent based paints to also be packed in plastic containers.

The 5L PolyCan has two highly unique features that enhance consumer convenience and deliver cost-saving efficiencies for paint manufacturers. The first is that the 5L PolyCan is tamper evident and has been carefully designed for tool-free opening and resealing. The secure tamper evident tab can be broken by hand and the lid removed without the need for a screwdriver. This added convenience makes painting easier for a wider spectrum of consumers, including the elderly and novices planning quick paint jobs without messing or injuring themselves whilst struggling to remove the lid.

The second unique feature is that the handle is ultrasonically welded onto the bucket. This differs from the conventional process of piercing a hole through the side wall to push the handle in. Without piercing the outside wall, the 5L PolyCan maintains maximum strength, and there is no chance of leaking. The attachment of the handle is very robust and results in a neat flush finish with no protrusions inside.

Under development is a patented, slightly tapered version of the 5L PolyCan which enables nesting before the cans are filled. These tapered PolyCans are on average almost three times more space efficient than the traditional non-nesting alternatives.

“Nesting five litre paint cans are a first for the paint industry and we are confident that this solution will bring manufacturers significant savings and reduce their carbon footprint,” explains Karl Lambrecht, Chief Executive, Contan.

The company offers superior quality decoration at an economical price through in-mould labelling (IML). Designs with photo quality images and matt, metallic or even textured finishes are all possible, as well as offset print in six colours. Transparent buckets are also possible for viewing windows to gauge paint levels without having to open the container.

Lambrecht concludes, “Contan’s manufacturing plant in Roodekop is internationally ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management. It draws on Polyoak Packaging’s extensive distribution network across Southern Africa to ensure excellent customer service,” concludes Lambrecht. For more information, 011-866-1264.


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