Colour trends 2019

Prominent Paints

Colour trends 2019

Be inspired by some of the colour trends for 2019.

At Prominent Paints we view colour as a creative ecosystem, one that revolves around the company’s customers. It’s fluid and collaborative and key trend drivers influence the new colours coming through. Trends are like a pendulum in that they have a force behind their beginning. They move at a steady speed and eventually slow to a point where they stop before embarking onto another swing – never swinging back to exactly the same point.

Black Flame is the PPG colour of the year for 2018 and it’s a real statement colour, but the company has announced that for 2019 – its Colour of the Year is Night Watch (PPG 1145-7). It’s a rich, luxurious, and classic deep shade of jade-like green that was chosen for its ability to allow homeowners to emulate the feeling of lush greenery and the healing power of nature in their spaces.

There is no mistaking the move towards richer, deeper more complex colours and usual combinations so it’s no surprise that Night Watch is the choice for 2019. It’s lovely when mixed with lighter and complementary hues such as millennial pink or pebble grey.

The colour’s connection to nature makes it a particularly good choice for areas that lack outdoor access or views, like windowless hallways. It will also work well with other design trends, for example gilded touches and the now-iconic millennial pink. To draw on the luxurious impact of Night Watch we believe consumers will see value in pairing the colour with gold or brass accents, such as picture frames, table top decor, legs on furniture, or even drawer pulls.

The urge to reconnect with nature is driven by today’s tumultuous, always-connected society. Empty space in our lives, like downtime, lulls in conversation, tends to be filled with the use of smartphones and devices. Being surrounded by Night Watch can give some of that empty space back.

Night Watch is part of the ‘We Are With Class’ palette, which helps redefine what luxury looks like. The colours are on one hand full of timeless, classic neutrals and on the other loaded with richly saturated and elegant gem tones. The result is a range of hues that embody luxury at all levels.

Bold paints paired with lighter shades and used on interior doors, accent walls and on furniture and cabinetry. Blue for a kitchen is also making an appearance on 2019 design mood boards. Grey was the colour of the year according to Pinterest and Prominent Paints don’t believe it will lose its position in the popularity stakes when it comes to neutral shades. But the pendulum swings slowly when it comes to consumers and the move to richer, warmer colours will not happen overnight – it will be a gradual process.

Like colour, paint finishes and decorative paint techniques are very personal. When consumers are looking for more depth and texture and they don’t want to turn to wall paper – they are trying paint techniques like an Ombre colour wash, marbleizing, using a strié finish, geographic shapes and painting floors and ceilings.

Colour is being used more freely and in areas traditionally left unpainted. Front doors are being given a pop of colour and Night Watch is perfect for this kind of application. The same is true of the pantry door in the kitchen. The bottom line though, when introducing a bold colour like Night Watch into a room, it’s best mixed with lighter wood tones and white trim, which helps balance the dark colour and prevents it from overpowering a space. The same is true of any dark or bold colour choice.


Paintcor products in these colours are ideal for contractors of estates or large office spaces. They allow the creation of a functional canvas to, which tenants can add their own special touch.

Nothing stops the designer from using off white as the base, which can be accented with shades of grey. Some may even opt for a darker colour – such black and charcoal. The neutral layers create a beautiful juxtaposition without making use of any particularly outlandish colours. By sticking to the neutral tones one can create a serene space to clear the mind and unwind.

A Splash of 2019 Colour: Orange, Emerald and Yellow

Everyone loves familiar favourites, but an emerging Globalised African Style interior sees these paired with all things bright and wonderful to create something new. The pairing of an off-white with a peach inspired hues of orange and hints of moss green in the furniture, all on a natural white marble surface, are the natural elements mixed with bright colours that Paintcor knows South Africans love to explore in their interior design.

Embrace vivid colours such as emerald green with soft, pastel coloured furniture on a wooden floor to add a touch of brightness. The way these colours frolic together is enough to inspire any interior designer. The dark jewel tone mingles elegantly with the pastels, natural elements and light, earthy tones. The same can be achieved with deep navy, royal purples or ruby reds.