Clariant completes super transparent pigment preparations

Hostatint™ A 100-ST

Clariant’s Hostatint™ A 100-ST pigment preparations

Launched at European Coatings Show 2017, the new Hostatint A 100-ST range features nine ready-to-use, highly transparent pigment preparations that offer the entire colour circle to solvent-based paint systems. Very fine pigment particles, excellent dispersion and long-term stabilisation are the prerequisites to enhance effects with colour intensity similar to dyes, but with very high light and weather fastness, and no migration or bleeding.

In addition to its performance benefits, Hostatint A 100-ST helps the coatings industry to open up manufacturers’ creativity options. For electronics OEMs, the halogen-free pigment molecules support the formulation of bright green colour shades that meet industry restrictions on halogen content.

Industrial coatings, with the super transparency of Hostatint A 100-ST, can be used to add a quality appeal to applications by emphasising the visibility of a substrate such as glass, wood or metal. Super transparent coloured coatings, virtually invisible over a black substrate, are also particularly effective in highlighting black or colour contrast.

Hostatint A 100-ST pigment preparations are easy and safe to use. They have low viscosity, are widely compatible with solvent-based paint systems, and a very high flashpoint results in safer storage, transportation and handling. The stability of the colourants contributes to a long shelf life.

“From cell phones to bikes and cars, metallic and mineral effect shades are becoming increasingly important for industrial applications. There’s also growing interest in using high transparency to enhance glass or wood surface properties. As a full range of pigment preparations, new Hostatint A 100-ST enables the fast and flexible formulation of a wide range of colour shades for transparent applications. In addition, they are providing a cost-efficient way for manufacturers to address new coating trends in the market segments,” said Bernhard Stengel-Rutkowski, Senior Global technical Marketing Manager from Clariant.


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