Charge it faster

Festool Airstream charging system

The new FestoolAirstream charging rapid charger reduces the cooling time of the battery and thus the entire charging process increases up to 65%.

Since the beginning of the year, Festool’s new charging system for the Festool 18 volt battery pack has been on the market. “Not only does the new Airstream SCA 8 rapid charger with integrated cooling function charge the new Airstream battery packs significantly quicker, but this innovative technology is a first in the industry. It also provides information by displaying the remaining charging time on an integrated LED display on the Airstream battery pack which shows the current charge status at the push of a button. It also has the added feature of a LED light that illuminates the drilling point. Similar readings are also displayed on the new Airstream Charger, allowing you to work faster, more efficiently and more effectively,” said Ryan Hunt, Sales Director, Vermont Sales.

Faster charging

The new Airstream charging system – a combination of the Airstream SCA 8 rapid charger and the Airstream BP 18 Li 5.2 AS battery pack – reduces the cooling time of the battery and thus the entire charging process increases up to 65%. This means that battery packs are ready to be used again more quickly and you can continue working without much interruption. On the construction site, battery packs are generally used on various tools and run out of charge after each application. If you do not have a spare battery you have to wait until the empty energy store is recharged.

Batteries get hot during intensive use – particularly on hot summer days and need to cool down first before it can be recharged. For tradespeople, this means unnecessary and expensive downtimes. In contrast to the previous TCL 3 charger, Festool managed to increase the charging capacity by a factor of 2.5.

“Every time a battery cannot be used at the construction site it means lost time and time is money. With our new Airstream technology, we are making the everyday work of tradespeople easier since our high-performance battery packs are ready to use again in a much shorter period. This is highly practical, particularly for energy-intensive applications such as sawing. As you would expect from Festool products, we have made sure that the new chargers can also charge our Li-ion battery packs – the 12, 15 and 18 V versions. One particular benefit is that the new 5.2 Ah Airstream Li-ion batteries fit all our current 18 V products, including the powerful TSC 55 cordless plunge circular saw, the practical HKC 55 cordless circular saw, the extremely lightweight BHC 18 cordless hammer drill, the flexible T18+3 cordless drill and the powerful Quadrive PDC cordless percussion drill,” said Jürgen Zehnder, Product Manager,Festool Germany.

The rapid charging capacity is provided by a clever and entirely new cooling concept developed by Festool. When the Li-ion battery is being charged, cool surrounding air is sucked in by the air intakes on the side of the battery pack. The cooling air flows through an encapsulated cooling channel. Jürgen Zehnder explains, “The clever thing about the Airstream technology is that, unlike other battery packs with a cooling feature, cooling is not carried out at random, but is specifically directed between the batteries.” The warm exhaust air is fed out via a connection opening between the battery pack and the charger, and is blown out of the charger again by the fan via the vents. This means that the new Airstream battery packs, when combined with the new SCA 8 rapid charger, ensure optimum efficiency when working.”

The benefits

  • Faster re-use of battery packs thanks to Airstream technology (cooling function for faster availability) and significantly increased charging capacity
  • At least double the charging capacity of the conventional TCL 3 charger
  • Optimum use in cordless tools with high power consumption and long running times
  • Always up to date with LED display which shows the remaining charging time and charge status on the charger
  • Sensible storage, space-saving and secure cord holder around the charger housing
  • Easy wall mounting of the charger using elongated holes on the rear


As part of the tried and tested PowerSelect system for its range of batteries, Festool is providing customers with extremely flexible options. The Basic variant therefore contains the chosen tool including Systainer (excluding battery pack and charger). With the Energy variant, you are free to combine the new rapid chargers SCA 8 or TCL 6 with a battery pack, i.e. either the new 5.2 Ah Airstream or the 2.6 Ah Compact battery pack. The recommended retail prices are calculated so that there are no price disadvantages for the buyer, regardless of whether he buys the battery pack immediately or later. However, with the Set variant, the buyer receives a complete package, which contains the chosen tool together with the battery pack and charger.


With ‘Service all-inclusive,’ Festool offers an “all-inclusive package” for power tools. After purchasing and registering the tool, customers are automatically entitled to the following services:

  • Repairs carried out and worn parts replaced free of charge for the first 36 months
  • A new replacement tool in the event of theft for the first 36 months
  • 15-day money-back guarantee and a 10-year guarantee of the availability of spare parts.

The new Airstream

The new Airstream charging system comprises the new BP 18 Li 5.2 AS 18 V-Li-ion battery pack and the new SCA 8 rapid charger with Airstream function (8 A charging current). There is also a new TCL 6 Li-ion rapid charger – without Airstream function and with a charging current of 6 A.


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