Bosch empowers DIY women

Woman in DIY

Suzelle and her second best friend Marianne

Credited with revolutionising the DIY market for a home audience, Suzelle from SuzelleDIY’s message to women wanting to engage in DIY is simple, but powerful, “Do not be scared of power tools. They are my second-best friend, after Marianne.”

“Power tools are there to make the job at hand that much easier,” says Suzelle. For example, she points to her familiarity with the Bosch cordless combi drill, which has become such an integral part of her daily existence. She even uses it to whip egg whites and beat butter in the kitchen. “I love my drill. It is one of the most versatile tools ever.”

This is a sentiment shared by Elle Franco, co-presenter on ‘Home Made Easy’ on the DSTV Home Channel. “You just have to master one thing at a time. Power tools are not there to scare you, but are there to get the job done. It is really not that difficult, and looks far more intimidating than it actually is.

“If you respect the tool, and know how it works and what the safety features are, it is your best friend. If you try to cut corners and do not do your homework, you could hurt yourself and delay the project. It is all about believing in yourself. Do not say no if you have never tried it before,” Elle stresses.

So what do these two DIY doyennes regard as their personal favourite power tool? Suzelle points immediately to the Bosch cordless combi drill, which has become such an integral part of her daily existence.

Elle cites her personal favourite as the Bosch compound mitre saw, which takes the pain out of cutting wood to size. “I used to have to go a hardware shop in order to use its in-store cutting service, but the Bosch compound mitre saw makes this arduous task a cinch at home.”

Suzelle recalls that her initial forays into the male-dominated world of DIY. People asked, ‘Who was this crazy girl with the power tools’? It was totally unexpected. People did not believe I could ever be successful in the DIY world.”

Elle concurs it is important for women to break down the stereotype that DIY is for men only. “Do not be shy because you are a girl doing DIY. I still love fashion. I just happen to be a woman with both a big shoe collection and a power tool collection.” Suzelle elaborates: “In order to DIY, you do not need a dusty garage and have to wear old clothes. Combine it with a bit of glamour, which places it in a totally different light.”

Not only is the number of women involved in DIY growing steadily, but Suzelle also thinks that their influence as both a market and a target audience is underestimated. “It is the girls who are driving the DIY industry by becoming creative and inspired enough to tackle projects in their own homes. Never under-estimate a lady with a power tool. I think she will go places.”


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