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Vermont Sales training academy has announced its first courses for March 2017 training programs.

Vermont Sales training academy has announced its first courses for March 2017 training programs.

The courses are open to all Vermont Sales customers, which includes the trade such as store management, sales consultants as well as end users who are interested in learning more about power tools, accessories, and DIY projects. The training courses run over a day and is facilitator driven by experienced staff.

Course dates

  • 7 March Introduction to power tools
  • 8 March Drill bit science
  • 9 March Air supply in the workshop
  • 14 March Airbrushing basics
  • 15 March Merchandising for retail environments
  • 16 March Sales Training
  • 22 March Wood and Metal working projects

Introduction to power tools

The introduction to power tools and accessories covers all one needs to know about stationary and portable power tools, general power tool maintenance and safety, power tools according to different applications, how to read and understand the information found on the specification plate – and the power tool motor construction, gearbox and settings.

Drill bit science

Drill bit science is a course everyone should go on as it’s an eye opener to all, and it covers all that one never knew about drills and drilling from understanding the properties of steel, carbon steel, hardness and tensile, alloy’s, high speed steel, drill bit terminology, coating on drill bits, bit designs to specialist drill bits for metal and wood.

Air supply in the workshop

This course covers the introduction to compressors, air power tools and accessories in the air environment. Followed by the most important part in the workshop, safety – this is paramount in all Vermont Sales training courses and plays important part at the Academy as a workshop can be a dangerous place.

The trainers go into compressors, regulators and filters, belt driven vs. direct drive compressors, the air flow, air pressure and maintenance. How to set up an airline system, the various fittings, pressure drops and the positioning of the equipment and looping.

The everyday use of air tools, such as the tyre inflator, air duster, die grinders and a range of power tools. Instruction on how these pneumatic tools work and general, maintenance, the vacuum operation for extractors, collectors, plus negative air pressure and air flow.

Airbrushing basics

The air brush training covers an introduction, terminology, choosing an airbrush, compressed air, how to use an airbrush, maintenance and practical lessons. Air Supply in the workshop covers an introduction, compressors, setting up an airline, pneumatics and vacuums.

Merchandising for retail environments

The Merchandising course is about the planning and promotion of sales by presenting a product to the right market at the proper time, using attractive displays, more simply, the display of products in a retail environment. Either way, merchandising is how you display and what you display. The result from this course is this can make a huge difference to your sales.

Sales training

The sales and customer service course is a key course for the trade and retail customers as it includes an introduction to training outputs, communication, the approach, customer service, and presentation, overcoming objections and how to close a sale.

Wood and metal working projects

The wood and metal working includes an introduction to wood and metal, sawing, cutting, blades, and discs, a practical session on the preparation of wood and steel, planning and profiling, surface treatment and assembly.

For more info

Call: Shuwetha at Vermont Sales 011-314-7711


Course registration starts at 08:30 and the training at 09:00 to 16:00. Refreshments will be provided. Accommodation can also be arranged, but will be for your own cost.