BMG celebrates with less fortunate

BMG TAFTA party 1A highlight for BMG’s head office staff at the end of each year is to be able to host a party for under privileged people in the Durban area.


“These celebrations form part of a BMG staff initiative, where funds are raised by the Durban team to organise special events for those in need,” says Veronique Bezuidenhout, marketing manager for BMG – Bearing Man Group. “The money we raise is used to pay for the lunch, entertainment, gifts and transport. For the last two years we have invited The Association for the Aged (TAFTA) to join us.


“Apart from the delicious meal prepared by the BMG canteen team, our guests enjoyed singing and dance competitions and a ride on a Harley motor bike. Nothing was more comforting though, than a hug from BMG’s very own father Christmas.”