Beyond conventional

Paint alchemie coatings consultancy

Paint Alchemie is a diversified coatings consultancy that develops and delivers the best solutions and service to its market

Against a backdrop of widespread transformation in the South African coatings industry and the establishment of a hierarchy of coating manufacturers, Paint Alchemie was forged.

Paint Alchemie offers a class leading technical service to the coatings industry and has a coatings laboratory and a coatings pilot plant from which it can spearhead its operations.

This company was formed by coating technologist, Tony Pillay, who had an urgent desire to participate and contribute to the enhancement of the coatings industry across all sectors.

Pillay, who has a BSc degree in Chemistry, a BSc Honours degree in Biochemistry and an MBA degree, has been involved in the coatings industry for 35 years. He held various senior positions in multinational companies such as ICI Dulux, Norsk Hydro Coatings, BASF Coatings and AkzoNobel. Pillay’s forte is technology development, operations management, strategic and business development. Pillay also spent time in private ventures in the detergent industry as Operations Director for Cdet Industrial Chemicals, which supplied industrial detergents to the food and beverage industries. He also held a similar position as Operations Director for COSi Consumer, a major outsource liquid and blocks detergent manufacturer for Tiger Brands, SC Johnson and Unilever.

The core competence of Paint Alchemie is its technology development and operations management expertise including manufacturing, development of safety, health and environment policies as well as procedure and supply chain optimisation in the chemical sector. Paint Alchemie can boast in-depth technical and operational experience in various coating sectors including architectural, general industrial, industrial wood coatings, marine, heavy duty and coil coatings. Paint Alchemie has a reservoir of knowledge of the key global players as well as the various technologies utilised and emerging trends.

Paint Alchemie pursues the highest possible quality levels. The company, although being in the fledgling stage of its life cycle will not compromise but rather promises to deliver quality services to fulfil their customer expectations and requirements.

In pursuing its goals Paint Alchemie will place above all else ultimate care for its employees, customers and the physical environment, using responsible care practices that foster the elimination of risk.

Paint Alchemie provide value creation through customised solutions that extends beyond conventional methodologies. It strives to stay in the forefront of coatings developments by continuously evaluating new possibilities afforded by technological advances, in order to supply its clients with scientific and innovative solutions and new opportunities in their market place.

Ultimately, the cornerstone of the Paint Alchemie strategy is customer care, which is upheld by a code of ethics and integrity that protects the customer’s intellectual property and safeguards the confidentiality of all work undertaken.

The Paint Alchemie laboratory is equipped with technical resources with a high level of technical expertise and experience to competently undertake core coating tasks. These include:

  • Specific performance or quality control tests
  • Raw material evaluation and assistance with performance evaluation to highlight the unique selling proposition (USP) for raw materials and coating products
  • Benchmarking against competitor paint products
  • Root cause analysis to resolve problems, paint defects or non conformances
  • Root cause analysis of field complaints and unbiased reporting based on laboratory findings
  • Product development
  • Formulation optimisation to differentiate performance and minimise costs
  • Manufacturing process optimisation through lean manufacturing techniques
  • Readiness preparation for ISO quality, manufacturing and environmental standard accreditation.