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Track and Record All Keys and Assets (TRAKA) offers a complete management, control and reporting solution for all vehicles, the keys, equipment and facilities.

Traka offers manufacturers, retailers and distributors intelligent key and equipment management through its electronic automated key management system. In any manufacturing, mining and facilities management environment, the highest levels of efficiency and health as well as safety compliance are essential. With this in mind Traka has developed this specialist solution to dramatically improve shift start-up times and overall productivity rates.

This is achieved through Traka’s unique iFob. An iFob is a piece of technology containing the employee’s license and permission levels written to it. It allows access to specified vehicles, machinery and equipment. Each iFob has a unique identity. Effectively this makes everyone accountable and safeguards the drivers from misuse.

The system is optimised for:

Fork truck access control: Its unique iFob can be programmed to a user, vehicle or a key. The key is sealed to the iFob and accessed through a pre-programmed number, safeguarding access and operation of forklifts. This is done by only giving staff with the correct credentials access. The software handles the identification through identification technology including biometric, facial recognition or RFID card readers. Authorised users release a programmed iFob and use the key as normal, but a full audit trail, time stamp is generated and stored.

Control access to dangerous machinery: The unauthorised use of machinery can have serious implications for safety. To ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect operators and achieve maximum health and safety, Traka provides Machine Start functionality. iFobs can be used as electronic keys to control access to a wide range of other machinery and equipment. When used for this purpose, strict control over who can access and operate dangerous machinery is enforced, and a full audit of user activity can be maintained.

How does Machine-Start work?

Machine-Start isolates the power source to dangerous machinery only allowing trained operators to use it. Operators identify themselves to the Traka key cabinet where they are issued an iFob, which acts as an intelligent key that is inserted into a receptor socket within the Machine Start unit. Providing the user is authorised to operate that piece of machinery it will power up for use.

This technology can be used for hoists, cranes, lathes, drills, presses and conveyors and anything else that would be safer with controlled access.

Fork truck collision detection: An optional shock sensor can be installed on the data logger, in any vehicle, to sense and record if the truck has been involved in a collision. Drivers are now fully accountable for the equipment in their care.

License validation: The software enables driver license details including photographs to be stored in the Traka database. This enables administrators to run reports to see who is authorised to drive specific vehicles, and also when their licence expires. The system will also automatically remove a user’s access to specific equipment when their licence expires, but continues to allow them to access keys, where they are still valid users

Industrial equipment and plant vehicles: The programmed iFob can also be used as an electronic key to control access to a wide range of other equipment and vehicles. When used for this purpose, strict control over who can access and operate dangerous machinery is enforced and a full audit of user activity can be maintained

Acceptance, fault reporting and fuel or cell balance: Controlling who can access and operate a fork lift and delivery trucks, is only part of the solution. Knowing that staff have completed all pre-operational safety checks and accepted the vehicle, and that a record of the event is automatically stored in the database, along with an audit of all trucks driven, is powerful management information. Should any fault be found at shift start-up, or develop whilst the truck in in use, the system will be able to lock the vehicle and then automatically allow credentialed repair staff to exclusively have access to that vehicle, preventing others from using it until a repair has been carried out.

Alcohol testing: Traka’s key management system can be integrated with an optional, approved alcohol tester. This can be compulsory for every user or set to test a random sample. This is achieved by disallowing the key release, should the levels be above acceptable levels, and an alert can be sent immediately, to an administrator.

Fork Truck and Fleet Management: Traka intelligent access management enables the control, monitor and protection of a fleet seamlessly. Central to this system is the administrative software, which records which driver has access to which vehicle and when.

Key and Equipment management: The system who has access keys and equipment onsite. Traka’s intelligent management systems enable the business to fully audit all transactions, and restrict who can access important assets, and when. The cabinets are easy to use and offer sophisticated control, allowing keys, key sets or equipment to be allocated to specific people, or made available to authorised groups of users. The system can also be set to block access to users whose licence has expired.

Arm mounted terminal management (AMT): Being able to locate arm mounted terminals and scanners quickly, store them properly and ensure they are in working order enables shifts to start quickly and run more efficiently. Its on-truck AMT storage and charging system, enables AMT’s to be housed in a locker solution, making use of the management software, which can only be accessed by the approved truck operator. The locker solution can integrate charging, ensuring that there is always a functional scanner, PDA, GPS and other devices when needed.

Anti-Drive-off prevention solutions: Traka’s loading bay and dock door safety solutions are easily installed, drive-off prevention systems designed to stop vehicles prematurely leaving the Goods Out bays of a busy distribution centre.

Loading Bay management: A solution for enhancing safety and streamlining processes at distribution centres ensuring complete control over the loading bay and prevent accidents. The solution starts an automated sequence of safety checks and audits that will control who can operate and open a loading bay, restrict vehicle movement until the area is safe and collect door usage information including who was operating it. The cabinet will only release the user’s keys once the loading is complete and the dock door fully closed.

Dock door control: Dock-Safe is a unique, easily installed and affordable solution that requires drivers to position their vehicle at the loading bay and isolate the vehicle themselves before the relevant dock door can be operated. A full audit trail is recorded within the iFob.

The power behind the Traka solutions lies in the advanced software. The system can operate on a single computer or a network, it offers multi-language use, provides extensive real time data capture, interfaces with most third party access control applications and uses a SQL database to provide extensive access level controls and transaction history. A comprehensive range of management reports can be generated quickly and easily. For more information, call 011-761-5000.