Armeg announces partnerships

Armeg Image (1)Armeg Ltd (UK) is excited to announce the new distribution partnerships with two well established wholesalers within South Africa.


Skillcraft Agencies (Pty) Ltd and Ridgid SA (John Marrow CC) will now distribute Armeg’s range of innovative drilling and tool solutions to retailers, hire companies and industrial users throughout the country. South Africa is no stranger to Armeg who have been exporting its products to the nation for over 20 years. The brand is recognized as a premium supplier of drilling accessories to industries including construction and mining, with its products being used in the construction in some of the World Cup football stadiums. “We are delighted to be working with our new distribution partners in South Africa. Combining our premium quality manufacturing approach and the reputations of our new distributors should see Armeg product widely available to the South African Market for many years to come,” says John Mowthorpe, Armeg’s Commercial Director.


The company is known for its expertise in carbide tipped drill bits with 40 years of manufacturing experience. The Sheffield based company is trusted by millions of professionals globally to provide high quality drilling accessories for a wide range of applications. Product quality and manufacturing excellence is at the heart of everything it does and the company follows a ‘Built in Quality’ ethos using premium raw materials and providing products to exacting standards.


It is the only UK manufacturer of SDS Plus and SDS Max drill bits and these products are traditionally at the core of their business, with more than 25 000 drill bit capacity per week. SDS Max drills are perfect for drilling in the toughest concrete substrates and are available with a choice of either Single Tip or Cross Head design.The SDS Plus range of drill bits feature Evo Plus Multi-Material Tip Technology which not only enhances speed of drilling but provides increased number of holes per drill battery charge.


The company is also proud of its broad range of core drills which provides a wide variety of choice to suit all customer requirements. High speed masonry cores have speeds up to 35% faster than traditional core drills, whilst the professional masonry cores are tough enough to drill holes up to 6-inches in concrete and other masonry materials.


The versatility and extensive choice within its carbide drilling range makes it ideal for retailers and end users servicing industries such as construction, mining, plumbing and air conditioning. The company’s expert knowledge of these products also allows it to offer a ‘Specials Service’ which delivers flexible product designs, tailored to meet customers’ unique requirements in specialist areas.


The company is dedicated to continuous product development, with a corporate objective to maintain 30% of the product range under five years old. Its dedicated research and development team have driven the innovation side of the business with ground breaking products such as PTC drill bits. The Porcelain Tile Cutters revolutionised the market as the first ‘point & push’ carbide bit capable of drilling grade 5 porcelain tiles and over a ¼ million pieces have now been sold worldwide.


More recent innovative products launches has included the Cobalt Vari-Pitch holesaws, which are multi-purpose longer life holesaws, and Acceler8%™ sheet steel holesaw, which at 37% faster than a standard holesaw can drill through sheet steel in only 3,4 seconds. The new Nail Proof Wood Beavers™ have been hugely successful within the UK. These extremely fast and comfortable drill bits feature a HSS cutting head enabling them to provide effective drilling even after nail strikes, perfect for use within the agricultural sector. The extensive Armeg range is now available through the highly regarded distributors Skillcraft Agencies (Pty) Ltd and Ridgid SA (John Marrow CC). For further information please contact:



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